Gong – Angel’s Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)

Originally released in 1973 on Virgin Records

2019 reissue on Charly Acquisitions

Format: LP, Clear vinyl, includes 16-page booklet

Style: Canterbury Scene, Prog, Jazz-Rock, Space Rock

Vibe: Spacey, Psychedelic, Whimsical, Ethereal, Cosmic

Musical Attributes: Complex, Technical, Progressive, Atmospheric, Groovy

Themes: Fantasy, Conceptual, Spiritual, Psychedelic

Instrumentation: Electric Guitar, Synthesizers, Electric Bass, Vocals, Flute, Soprano Saxophone


The second Radio Gnome transmission finds Zero the Hero astral projecting to PlanetGong where he meets with Selene the Moon Goddess and the Octave Doctors to learn the infinite powers of their lovewisdom vibrations. This psychedelic journey brings together fantastical imagery of pothead pixies and flying teapots (and a dose of hippy hedonism) with heady spiritual concepts delivered in a quite fun and silly way, but even before digging into the concept I was immediately grabbed by their unique style spacey jazz-rock with its propulsive bass lines, immersive synthesizer atmospheres and serpentine soprano sax soloing. Sonics aside, i see no way these fellas weren’t influenced by master-teacher Sun Ra, for they too lived their cosmic mythologies 24/7 in their own musicians commune in France.

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