Gong – Magick Brother

Originally released in 1970 on BYG Records

Recorded in September, 1969

1977 Affinity Pressing

Format: LP

Style: Canterbury Scene, Psych Rock

Vibe: Psychedelic, Whimsical, Joyful, Eccentric, Spacey, Playful

Musical Attributes: Raw, Progressive, lo-fi

Lyrical Themes: Peace, Love, Spiritual, Fantasy

Instrumentation: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums, Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Upright Bass


Before blasting into the cosmic-prog stratosphere, Gong made some communal peace&love hippie-rock that fell somewhere between Piper at the Gates of Dawn noisy spacepop and Incredible String Band’s spiritual folk. Their debut, Magick Brother, Mystic Sister, is a super jammy LP with a diverse tracklist and really cool lo-fi psychedelic production. I especially dig when cello and flute show up on a few tracks. It’s impressive how the band had a strong sense of concept and identity from the very beginning, even though the style would evolve a lot over the next few years

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