Ambarchi / O’Malley / Dunn – Shade Themes from Kairos

Released in 2014 on Drag City

Soundtrack for the film “Kairos”

Recorded November, 2009 – November, 2012

Format: LPx2, 45rpm, 33 1/3 rpm

Style: Drone-Rock, Experimental Rock

Influences: Dark Ambient, Psych Rock, Kosmische, Noise, Drone-Metal

Vibe: Shadowy, Ominous, Brooding, Dark, Driving, Haunting, Hypnotic, Mysterious, Exploratory, Nocturnal, Hallucinogenic

Musical Attributes: Studio-as-an-instrument, Dissonant, Droney, Noisy

Instrumentation: Electric Guitar, Drums, Analogue Synthesizers, Mellotron, Vibraphone

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