Human Behavior – Kedumim


Released in 2016 on Folktale Records

Format: LP


Religious allegory, profane thoughts, and lustful confessions intertwine on Human Behavior’s third LP; Kedimum is a brooding suite of psychological chamber folk that introspects into a conflicted mind, struggling to reconcile matters of indoctrinated faith, natural human desires, and internalized guilt. Primary songwriter Andres Parada is joined by a sympathetic cast of vocalists to create a vivid sonic drama complete with choral vocals and spoken word passages to complement his haunting narrations. The intricate and shadowy arrangements blend distorted electronic beats with a wide array of acoustic instrumentation, including banjo, clarinet, accordian, acoustic guitar, violin, ehru, and cello.

Style: Chamber Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Psychedelic Folk-Rock

Vibe: Brooding, Shadowy, Dark, Dramatic, Eccentric, Haunting, Introspective, Passionate

Themes: Christian, Religious, Sexual, Death, Personal, Guilt

Musical Attributes: Acoustic, Dense, Lyrical, Group Vocals

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