The Sea Ensemble – We Move Together

Released in 1974 on ESP-Disk

Format: LP

An obscure release from the great creative label ESP-Disk, containing exploratory, mysterious and playful improvisations from The Sea Ensemble—the husband/wife duo of Zusaan Fasteau and Donald Rafael Garrett. Although Donald is probably best known for playing bass with John Coltrane, Archie Shepp, and others, here he switches instruments every song, playing drums, shakuhachi flute, clarinet, and sheng on the first side, saving bass for the 20-minute B-side track. Zusaan is a multi-instrumentalist as well, playing piano, cello, drums, and shakuhachi. While they are both trained musicians, an uninhibited childish spirit permeates this release, as can be seen in Donald’s crude but visionary cover drawing, yet the recording also feels imbued with ancient wisdom, as heard in their primal and instinctive vocalizations throughout the album.

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