Alex G – Beach Music

Released in 2015 on Domino Records

Format: LP


Listening to Alex G, one might imagine a young alien sitting alone in his martian bedroom baring his angsty, teenage confessions to his 4-track tape recorder. Yet, at the core of his music, underneath layers of psychedelic guitars, weird pitch-shifted vocals, and occasional lo-fi hiss, lies some genius pop songs that feel simultaneously adolescent and mature.

Recommended for fans of lo-fi experimentation and bedroom pop. Alex seems to pull influences from all over and channel them through his own unique personality and penchant for odd, psychedelic production. Recalls Elliot Smith’s loner acoustic songwriting and drum machines pulled from 80?s pop songs; there’s even a fucked up jazz piano ballad thrown into the mix.

Style: Lo-Fi Songwriter, Bedroom Psych, Psych Pop

Vibe: Introspective, Bittersweet, Psychedelic, Catchy, Breakup, Intimate, Loner, Love, Angsty, Romantic, Sentimental,

Musical Attributes: Melodic, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Lo-fi, Lyrical, Vocal Manipulation

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