Sly & the Family Stone – There’s a Riot Goin’ On

Released in 1971 on Epic Records

Format: LP

Style: Psychedelic Funk

Vibe: Triumphant, Energetic, Anthemic, Communal, Rebellious, Groovy, Sunny, Psychedelic, Powerful, Confident, Eclectic, Complex

Track Notes
* for recommended tracks

A1 – Dense, Messy Groovy

*A2 – Sexy, Groovy, 6/8 time signature, Bluesy, Mellow, Rad Keyboard

*A3 – Really groovy, amazing keys and guitar, great beat, jammin

*A4 – “It’s a Family affair”, groovy, happy

*A5 – Happy, great singing, really groovy, amazing basslines and bass tone, multi-tracked guitars

A6 – ~silent track~

*B1 – FUCKING GROOVY (most groovy on the album), Fire drum intro, rad horns that are an obvious influence on D’Angelo

*B2 – Good vibe grooves, sunny days, “Caught me smilin”

B3 – low-key, psychedelic guitar atmospheres

B4 – Bossa nova beat, Yodeling, weird track

B5 – Upbeat, Happy

*B6 – Groooovy bassline, “Thank you,…for lettin me… be myself.., againnn”

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