Sunburned Hand of the Man – Fire Escape

Released in 2008
Recorded: March 4, 2006


The free-form psychedelia and tribal “group therapy” of Sunburned Hand of the Man are in great hands with producer Kieran Hebden (Four Tet)—his dubs and cuts transform their usually lo-fi, meandering jams into something much more immediate, without losing any of their exploratory and spontaneous energy. Recommended for fans of polyrhythmic Afro-inspired percussion, dubbed out production, communal sound rituals, and dense psychedelia.

Vibe: Psychedelic, Hallucinogenic, Communal, Colorful, Tribal, Hypnotic, Messy

Musical Attributes: Collective Improvisation, Studio-as-an-Instrument (Loops, Editing, Dubs), Polyrhythmic, Percussive, Driving, Dense

Instrumentation: Percussion, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Sampler, Synthesizer, Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet, Drums, Drum Machine, Manipulated Vocals (Vocoder)

Track Notes ( * = Recommended )

A1 – Words to Live By
-Glitchy Intro

*A2 – Nice Butterfly Mask
-Wild, Driving, Psychedelic, Polyrhythmic
-Racing through a psychedelic jungle, saxophones sometimes sound like distorted elements

**A3 – What Color is the Sky in the World You Live In?
-Cosmic, Mellow, Mediative, Psychedelic
-Floating down the river of this psychedelic jungle
-Repetitive bassline, rattling percussion, light pulsing piano, barely-recognizable vocoder vocals, other instruments

*B1 – The Parakeet Beat
-Percussive, driving
-Mostly drums & Percussion with dub delay effects

B2 – Captain Knowhere
– Interlude

*B3 – Fire Escape
– Driving, Polyrhythmic, Dense
– Repetitive driving Bassline, Insistent beat that builds in entropy
– Psychedelic guitars and dub sounds come in & out

C1 – The Wind Has Ears
-Sparse, Atmospheric, Percussive, Moving
– Bell loop, Chimes, Muted piano
– Instruments slowly build but fade away (acoustic guitar, piano, flutes)
– Eerie vocalizations, kinda witchy
– Hints at a beat dropping but pulls back (Ephemeral grooves)

C2 – Triple, Double, Everything
-Sped up dubbed percussion and drum machines. Space echo vibes
-Guitar line comes in and out abruptly
-Haunting, ghostly

C3 – Raw Backwards
– Quick Psych Groove
– Delayed bass
– persistent motorik beat
– hypnotic guitar loops
-Accelerating drum machines

*D1 – Spinefry
– Floating Bassline, Psych Atmospheres
– Epic, crescendo psych jam
– Kosmische-Influenced

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