Off World – 1

Off World (Sandro Perri)

Released in 2016 on Constellation Records

Recorded between 2011-2016

Style: Progressive Electronic, Experimental
Vibe/Mood: Ethereal, Spacey, Futuristic, Mysterious, Suspenseful, impressionistic
Musical Attributes: Atmospheric, Instrumental, Studio-as-an-instrument (Loops, Editing, Dubs), Vignettes, Improvisation
Instrumentation: Synthesizer, Drum Machine
Track Notes ( * = Recommended )
*A1 – Primitive Streak (spacey, ethereal, mellow)
Bent, Chirping Synths
Sparse Drum Machine Groove
Gets a little bit more ominous near the end
Ambient third movement – desert wind synthesizers
A2 – Old Brain (Repetitive, Woozy, Persistent, Triumphant)
Triumphant synth melody through ping pong delays
A3 – No Host (Vignette, Melodic, Ambient, Bright)
Bright, chirping synth melodies followed by echoed reverbs
*A4 – Extraction (Suspenseful, Cinematic, Ominous)
suspenseful string swells
ominous horn-like synths
*B1 – Choral Hatch (Haunting, Eerie, Suspenseful)
ghostly drum machine, creeping piano and synth
Gets more optimistic in second half
*B2 – New Brain (Cinematic, Optimistic, Tentative)
pulsing waves of tentative optimism (gtr)
Strange Fluttering Synths come and go
Slight unease under the surface
**B3 – Wonder Farm (Glitchy, Warm, Rustic, Electro-Acoustic)
Rural Out Space – glitchy folk
Slide guitars, low strings, banjo, piano, drum machine



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