Puppy Soul – Welcome Home Pup [Bandcamp Review]

Welcome Home Pup is a swirling haze of dreamy bedroom-pop and homespun psychedelia that wears its heart on its sleeve. After two collaborative EPs, Puppy Soul’s Trevor Magaña recorded the latest release completely solo, allowing his skills as a natural instrumentalist, candid songwriter, and imaginative producer to coalesce into his most holistic release to date. His idiosyncratic rhythmic sensibilities (developed over years of math-rock drumming and producing colorful electronic music) are exhibited in the polyrhythmic weaving of acoustic guitars and swinging lo-fi drums through a web of multi-tracked vocals. The spasmodic fingerpicking and pulsed harmonics interlock with bouncing vocal lines to create pointillist melodies popping in from every direction. While this intimate sound world often feels catchy and playful, the confessional lyrics suggest a more downcast tone, exploring that anxious emotional space between letting go and holding onto a relationship; that reluctant acceptance one feels when the mind knows what the rational (~mature~) decision is, but the heart is pulling in the other direction.

Recommended if you dig Alex G, Animal Collective, or American Football


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