Anna & Elizabeth – The Invisible Comes to Us

LP, Released in 2018 by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Artwork by Robert Beatty


The Invisible Comes to Us is a haunting, modern take on Appalachian and Irish folk songs. Beautiful close-harmonies, banjos and acoustic guitars are juxtaposed with droning atmospheres of woodwinds, Moog bass, pump organ, and euphonium. Guest musicians include Jim White on drums and Susan Alcorn on slide guitar.

Style: Appalachian Folk, Avant-Folk

Vibe: Earthy, Haunting, Intimate, Melancholy, Mellow, Pastoral, Rootsy, Rural

Musical Attributes: Vocal Harmonies, Atmospheric, Droney, Melodic, Acoustic Instrumentation (Banjo, Slide Guitar, Euphonium, Woodwinds, Pump Organ)


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