David Lord – Forest Standards, Vol. 2


Released in 2020 on Big Ego Records

Artist: David Lord

Format: LP

Album Overview

Guitarist David Lord’s sylvan impressionism is equally knotty and lush on his new LP of Lydian improvisation. The rhythm section of drummer Chad Taylor and bassist Billy Mohler hold it down with naturalistic rhythms that never settle into anything too predictable, while Sam Hake’s vibraphone contributions pad out the sound like green leaves and flowers among jagged branches. The proceedings are especially thorny when Jeff Parker’s guitar gets entangled with Lord’s on 8 of the 14 cuts. Like anything recorded at Long Beach’s Big Ego studios in the past few years, the production has clarity and polish without sacrificing the liveliness of a great room sound.

Style: Jazz Fusion, Future Jazz, Post-Rock

Vibe: Forest, Knotty, Intricate, Nature, Impressionistic, Mysterious

Musical Attributes: Improvisation, Modal

Personell: David Lord – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Chad Taylor – Drums, Billy Mohler – Upright Bass, Jeff Parker – Electric Guitar, Sam Hake – Vibraphone

Listen/Purchase direct from label:

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