Spires that in the Sunset Rise – Psychic Oscillations [Review]

Released in 2020 on FPE Records

Artist: Spires that in the Sunset Rise

Format: LP

Psychedelic electro-acoustics and earthy minimalism take precedence in the latest from avant-chamber group Spires that in the Sunset Rise. The multi-instrumentalist duo of Ka Baird and Taralie Peterson ritualistically loop and layer a hypnotic tapestry of pre-verbal vocalizations, upright bass, flute, saxophone, synth, and autoharp, running each instrument through trippy stereo delays, visually represented by the two minute-apart clocks next to each other on the album cover. While not as witchy or jarring as the their early releases, Psychic Oscillations finds the band as entrancing as ever.

Style: Experimental, Post-Minimalism, Psychedelic-Chamber Music, Acid Folk, Avant-Folk

Vibe: Ritualistic, Hypnotic, Nature, Psychedelic, Earthy

Musical Attributes: Electro-Acoustic, Loops, Pulse, Minimalistic, Manipulated Vocals, Wordless Vocals

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