Osamu Kitajima – Benzaiten

Released in 1976 on Antilles Records

Artist: Osamu Kitajima

Recorded: January-August 1974 in Tokyo, Japan

Format: LP

Style: Progressive Acid-Folk, Ritual-Folk, Psych-Rock

Vibe: Sombre, Earthy, Ritualistic, Psychedelic, Brooding, Exploratory, Mysterious, Spiritual

Musical Attributes: Progressive, Acoustic, Percussive, Rhythmic, Complex, Dynamic

Instrumentation: Biwa, Acoustic Guitar, Shakuhachi (Flute), Hyashi-Bue (Cross Flute), Sho (Mouth Organ), Synthesizers, Ace Tone Rhythm Machine, African Drum, Tsuzumi & 17 other Narimong (percussion), Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Sho (Free-Reed Mouth Organ), Vocals

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