Sonic Gnostic Radio: Earth Resonance | NTS | 08.19.21

This rhizomatic exploration of sacred earth music finds rooted sound rituals and sonic healing modalities synthesizing with contemporary influences and technologies in infinitely expanding forms. Free folk, organic beats, earthy psychedelia, & ecstatic chamber music all find a home in this vinyl mix.

Listen & find the tracklist below or at the following link:


1. Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society – Sungazer

2. Asa Tone – To Tell a Picture

3. Decolonize Your Mind Society – Saw Her Dancing on Bitter Land

4. Spires that in the Sunset Rise – Geomantra

5. Airto Moreira & Flora Purim – Uri (Wind)

6. Third Ear Band – Stone Circle

7. Osamu Kitajima – Taiyo (The Sun)

8. Ghost – Masttillah

9. Sarah Louise – Healers Circle Up

10. Dumama + Kechou – Khala Zome

11. Don Cherry & Organic Music Society – Luna Turca

12. Meril Wubslin – Alors Marche

13. James Holden & Animal Spirits – Go Gladly Back Into the Earth

14. Earthforce- Wild Mountain Thyme [Excerpt]

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