Califone – Heron King Blues [Deluxe]

Originally Released in 2004 on Thrill Jockey Records

Dead Oceans Deluxe Reissue (2017)

Format: LPx2 (including bonus LP of B-sides and live sessions)

Style: New Weird Americana, Warped Folk Rock, Psych Folk

Vibe: Twangy, Cryptic, Mythic, Surreal, Mysterious, Rustic, Mellow, Warm, Rootsy

Musical Qualities: Percussive, Loops, Electro-Acoustic, Rhythmic, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Improvisation

Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Percussion, Organ, Piano, Vocals, Electronics, Cello, Electric Guitar, Pump Organ, Bass

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