Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3: Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1971-81

LPx3, Compilation

Released in 2017 on Soul Jazz Records

Styles: Kosmische Musik, Progressive Electronic, Krautrock, Psychedelic Folk, Experimental Rock

Vibe: Exploratory, Eclectic, Spacey, Futuristic, Pastoral

Track Notes ( * = Recommended )
A1 – Klauss Weiss – Wide Open Space Motion – 2:20
Driving sequencer
Mid-tempo groove
spacey synths & pads
A2 – A.R. Machines – I’ll Be Your Singer, You Be My Song – 2.25 (6/10)
hippy acoustic psych
acoustic guitar, percussion, trippy sounds, panned vocals
*A3 – Deutsche Wertabeit – Deutscher Wald – 4:01 (7.5/10)
bright uplifting synth sounds
driving sequencer
soon followed by slow motorik drum machine
*A4 – Dzyan – Khali – 4:54 (8/10)
Psychedelic Raga
Exploratory, spiritual, spacey, futuristic, floating
**A5 – Missus Beastly – Geisha – 5:27
Psychedelic groove with fat drum beat
Great plucky bass tone, bassline has cool chords
Funky (clavinet?) organ
Funky jazz-rock with lush flutes and swirling piano
B1 – Alex – Derulé – 2:42 (7/10)
Solid eastern-tinged psych
Cool acoustic raga guitar solo
B2 – Agitation Free – In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise
Spacey/Pastoral Prog/Psych
B3 – 
B4 – 
*C1 – Popol Vuh – Ja, Dene liebe Ist Suber
pastoral folk
dreamy singing
multi-tracked acoustic guitars
psychedelic splashes of percussion
**C2 Novalis – Dronsz 4:53
slow drones that gradually accelerate into a spacey groove
*C3 – Broselmaschine -Schmetterling 9:30soothing raga, slow, dreamysitar in middle, acoustic guitar right, tabla leftsometimes synth sounds are sprinkled throughsitar has cool reverbs switched on whenever it goes into drumless sectiongerman narrationfolksy pan flutes come in later
D1 – Neu – Neuschnee
Pastoral Motorik
*D2 – Between – And the Waters Opened(clicks on my copy)droney, psychedelic chamber music, woozy surreal ragaconga groovesAquatic, mysterious, primordialHindu Chantssolo flamenco guitar
D3 – La Dusseldorf
driving rocker mixing rock tropes (pulsing piano & bassline) with trippy atmospheresI can imagine them wearing sunglasses while playing this
D4 – Klaus Weiss – Constellation
Brief synth jam (multiple synths coming in & out)slowly builds in textures & voices
dreamy, uplifting

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