São Paulo Underground – Beija Flors Velho E Sujo

Released in 2013 on Cuneiform Records

Format: LP

Style: Future Jazz, Abstract Groove, Psychedelic Fusion

Vibe: Adventurous, Futuristic, Triumphant, Exploratory, Spacey, Psychedelic, Energetic, Bombastic, Complex, Celebratory

Musical Qualities: Collective Improvisation, Thematic, Progressive, Percussive, Uncommon Time Signatures, Driving, Loops, Sampling, Instrumental

Mauricio Takara – Percussion, Cavaquinho, Electronics
Guilherme Granado – Keyboards, Synths, Sampler, Voice
Rob Mazurek – Cornet, Evolver, Ring Modulator, Analog Delay, Harmonium

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