Frank Lowe – Fresh

LP, Freedom / Arista, 1975


  • Frank Lowe – Tenor Saxophone
  • Joseph Bowie – Trombone (A1-B1)
  • Lester Bowie – Trumpet (A1-B1)
  • Charles Bobo Shaw – Drums (A2-B1)
  • Abdul Wadud – Cello (A1-B1)
  • Steve Reid – Drums (A1)
  • Selene Fung – Cheng (A3)
  • Memphis Four (B2)

Style: Post-Bop, Free Jazz (A2, A3, B1), Jazz Fusion (B2)

Vibe: Energetic, Jittery, Off-Kilter, Spontaneous, Playful, Passionate, Groovy, Kinetic

Musical Qualities: Improvisation, Dynamic, Rhythmic, Melodic, Dissonance

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