Jack DeJohnette’s Directions – Untitled

LP, ECM Records, 1976

Recorded February 1976

Style: Progressive Jazz, Post-Bop, Jazz Fusion

Vibe: Triumphant, Pastoral, Airy, Searching, Eclectic, Mysterious, Soothing

Musical Qualities: Thematic, Improvisation, Progressive, Odd Time Signatures, Atmospheric

Track Notes

* = Recommended

*A1 – Flying Spirits
-Searching & Triumphant Atmospheric Jazz
-Winding Horns, Exploratory Bass
-Atmospheric guitar & keyboards interlock
->gets soft & misty

*A2 – Panori Visions
-Folky Raga vibe, wobbly & meditative
-percussive, acoustic, rhythmic
-Wobbly guitar, trying to imitate oud(?)
-Brief song

*A3 – Fantastic
-Percussive Polyrhythms
-Funky Fusion

*B1 – The Vikings are Coming
-Cascading Piano, Chorus Fretless Bass
-Longing, Pastoral

B2 – Struttin’
-Intertwined, Pastoral, Exploratory

*B3 – Morning Star
-Soothing, Acoustic
-Cascading Piano & Acoustic Guitar
-> Drops into free & searching ballad (ECM-Style)
-Smooth, Melodic, Pretty

B4 – Malibu Reggae
-Elegant Sultry Lounge Jam
-gets kinda funky after intro

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