Marion Brown – Afternoon of a Georgia Faun

LP, ECM Records, 1971

Original German Pressing


Marion Brown – alto saxophone, zomari, percussion.
Jeanne Lee – vocals, percussion.
Gayle Palmore – vocals, piano, percussion.
Chick Corea – piano, bells, gong, percussion.
Anthony Braxton – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, musette, flute, percussion.
Bennie Maupin – tenor saxophone, alto flute, bass clarinet, acorn, bells, wood flute, percussion.
Jack Gregg – upright bass, percussion.
Andrew Cyrille, Larry Curtis, William Green – percussion.
Billy Malone – African drums

Style: Modern Creative, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibe: Forest, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Nature, Abstract, Surreal, Kinetic, Visceral, Earthy, Swirling, Pastoral (Side A)

Qualities: Collective Improvisation, Dynamic, Sparse, Acoustic, Atonal, Experimental Vocals, Extended Techniques, Percussive, Homemade Instrument

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