Alan Braufman – Live in New York City, February 8, 1975

LPx3, Archival Release, Valley of Search Records, 2022

Recorded live on WBAI Radio on February 8, 1975

Limited to 500 copies

Style: Spiritual Jazz

Vibe: Communal, Ritualistic, Triumphant, Adventure, Searching, Devotional, Spiritual, Hypnotic, Epic

Musical Qualities: Collective Improvisation, Acoustic Instrumentation, Progressive Structures, Thematic, Polyrhythmic, Percussive, Dense, Complex, Suite, Live Recording, Chant


  • Alan Braufman – alto saxophone,  flute
  • Cooper-Moore – piano,  custom instrument,  recitation
  • William Parker – upright bass
  • John Clark – French horn
  • Jim Schapperoew – drums
  • Ralph Williams – percussion

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