Down Home Special [SGR 5.24.23 | Bedcrumb Show]

This mix originally aired live on Bedcrumbshow on 5.24.23 and features records from a prosperous dig at Down Home Music in El Cerrito, Ca.

Gato Barbieri – “Tupar Amaru”
Charles Lloyd Quartet – “Journey Within”
Robin Kenyatta – “Thank You Jesus”
The Art Ensemble of Chicago – “Ja”
Black Uhuru – “Natural Mystic”
World Saxophone Quartet – “Open Air (for Tommy)”
Arthur Blythe – “Bush Baby”
James ‘Blood’ Ulmer – “Church (Live)”
Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano – “New Voices”
Cecil Taylor Unit – “Serdab”
Larry Coryell – “Spaces (Infinite)”
Anthony Braxton – “67M (F12)”
Charles Lloyd – “Song of Her”
Brother Malachi Favors Magoustous- “Natural and the Spiritual”
Sandy Bull – “Blend II”
Richard & Linda Thompson – “Night Comes In”

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