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A collection of mixes recorded for radio shows or themed vinyl mixtapes

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Records posted with photographs, listening links, reviews, listening notes, and other information. If you’re looking for something along certain lines, they are each tagged and indexed according to the various categories linked below.

An alphabetized index of all the bands & musicians in the library.

From major labels to local DIY imprints, this index features all the labels in the collection.

Music, being the universal language it is, can be used to express almost anything from personal experiences to mythological storytelling, political discourse to existential philosophies. This index is intended to group albums according to themes or lyrical content

You feeling energetic or melancholy? Looking for something hypnotic, cosmic, earthy, or groovy? Browse this index to find the soundtrack to whatever you’re in the mood for.

Fairly self-explanatory, this index groups records chronologically by year or decade. Contrary to popular practice, I typically prefer to categorize based on the recording date rather than release date, when the information is available.

We all know genre categories feel reductive or arbitrary; nonetheless, like constellations in the sky, they can also help us see larger musical pictures by creating complex webs of connections between artists.

You wanna search out music from a technical standpoint? This index and glossary categorizes music based on various theoretical tools and instrumentation. If you’re looking for examples of polyrhythms, dissonance, sampling, vibraphone, or bass clarinet, I hope this can be a helpful tool for you.

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