Embryo’s Reise

Recorded September 1978 – May 1979 in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, & Germany

Style: Free-Psych, Krautrock, Prog, Jazz-Rock, Raga Rock, Arabic Folk

Vibes: Adventure, Communal, Triumphant, Exploratory, Warm, Psychedelic, Bluesy, Playful, Energetic, Spiritual

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Third Ear Band

Style: Psychedelic Chamber Music, Free Folk, Neo-Medieval Folk, Dhrupad

Vibes: Mystical, Medieval, Nature, Alchemical, Flowing, Meditative, Ritualistic, Mysterious, Earthy, Occult

Instrumentation: Cello, Oboe, Percussion, Violin/Viola

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Dorothy Carter – Troubadour

LP, Celeste Recording, 1976 Style: Neo-Medieval Folk, Progressive Folk, Traditional [Appalachian, Celtic, European, Hymns] Vibes: Hypnotic, Flowing, Rootsy, Medieval, Passionate, Meditative, Peaceful Musical Qualities: Acoustic, Suite, Pulse Instrumentation: Voice, Hammered Dulcimer, Psalteries, Flute Tamboura, Ch’in

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Alan Silva and the Celestrial Communication Orchestra – Seasons

Lineup: Alan Silva, Roscoe Mitchell, Robin Kenyatta, Don Moye, Steve Lacy, Jerome Cooper, Dave Burrell, Bernard Vitet, Alan Shorter, Joseph Jarman, Ronnie Beer, Michel Portal, Dieter Gewissler, Jouk Minor, Kent Carter, Irene Aebi, Oliver Johnson, Joachim Kuhn

Style: Cosmic Big-Band, Creative Music, Free Jazz

Vibes: Apocalyptic, Cosmic, Cathartic, Communal, Intense, Ritualistic, Entropic, Meditative, Spiritual, Mysterious, Energetic

Musical Qualities: Conducted Improvisation, Dense, Acoustic, Instrumental, Atonal, Orchestral, Active Listening, Complex, Noisy, Heavy, Progressive

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dredg – El Cielo

LPx2, 45rpm, Self-Released, 2002 / 2012 pressing First Vinyl Pressing (2012)Originally released on CD by Interscope Records (2002) Style: Art Rock, Progressive Post-Hardcore Vibes: Cryptic, Dramatic, Surreal, Groovy, Anthemic, Epic, Passionate, Intricate, Bombastic, Psychedelic, Sentimental Themes: Sleep Paralysis, Dreams, Existential, Salvador Dalí Qualities: Conceptual, Lyrical, Suite, Dense, Uncommon Time Signatures, Rhythmic, Progressive

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Yes – Relayer

Style: Progressive Rock, Symphonic Prog

Vibes: Triumphant, Epic, Uplifting, Fantasy, Bombastic, Complex, War, Spiritual, Ethereal

Musical Qualities: Virtuosic, Suite, Uncommon Time Signatures, Dense, Lush, Progressive

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Ilhan Mimaroglu – Sing Me a Song of Songmy

Style: Avant-Garde Classical, Electro-Acoustic, Tape Music, Creative Music, Third Stream

Vibes: Ominous, Sombre, Anxious, Cinematic, Dystopian, Surreal, Poetic, Chaotic, Cold, Complex, Eclectic, Exploratory

Themes: Political, Colonialism, War, Death, Liberation, History

Musical Qualities: Orchestral, Collage, Polyphonic, Dynamic, Spoken Word, Dense, Progressive, Sampling, Choral, Improvisation

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Maria BC – Spike Field

Style: Dream Folk, Experimental Songwriter, Ambient-Folk

Vibes: Ethereal, Melancholy, Hazy, Intimate, Soothing, Haunting, Dreamy, Autumnal, Cryptic, Tender, Mellow, Reflective, Mysterious, Nocturnal, Flowing

Musical Qualities: Soft, Glitchy, Atmospheric, Lyrical, Electro-Acoustic

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Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Les Jardins Mystiques Vol. 1

featuring Deantoni Parks, Austin Peralta, Thundercat, Kamasi Washington, DOMi & JD Beck, Jeff Parker, Carlos Niño, Bennie Maupin, Jamael Dean, Jamire Williams, Josh Johnson, Brandon Coleman, Devin Daniels, Lara Somogyi, Liza Wallace, Sara Andon, Alison Bjorkedal, Ambrose Akinmusire, Dexter Story & more

Style: Cosmic Chamber-Jazz, Progressive Exotica, Jazz Fusion, Third Stream

Vibes: Ethereal, Mystical, Cosmic, Immersive, Communal, Epic, Colorful, Flowing, Contemplative, Fantasy, Reflective, Spiritual, Eclectic

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Emil Amos – Zone Black

Styles: Library Music, Psych Rock, Instrumental Hip-Hop, Ambient

Vibes: Noir, Brooding, Nocturnal, Cinematic, Focused, Smooth, Shadowy, Eerie, Psychedelic, Sensual, Suspenseful

Musical Qualities: Atmospheric, Home Recording, Beats, Instrumental, Loops, Sampling

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Robert Wyatt – The Animals Film

Style: Progressive Electronic, Film Score, Experimental

Vibes: Dystopian, Hallucinatory, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Gloomy, Hypnotic, Futuristic, Exploratory, Ominous, Cinematic, Haunting, Imaginative

Musical Qualities: Suite, Vignettes, Atmospheric, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Progressive

Instrumentation: Synthesizers, Piano, Experimental Vocals, Drums

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Murcof – Remembranza

Styles: Chamber Ambient, Dark Ambient, Glitch, Ambient Techno

Vibes: Nocturnal, Brooding, Eerie, Mysterious, Cinematic, Dark, Desolate, Hypnotic, Melancholy, Mournful, Mysterious, Ominous, Shadowy, Sombre, Suspenseful

Musical Qualities: Micro-Sampling, Electro-Acoustic, Glitchy, Atmospheric, Instrumental, Orchestral, Beats

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Bon Iver – 22, a Million

Style: Glitch-Pop, Art Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Vibes: Cryptic, Surreal, Mechanical, Mystical, Existential, Knotty, Warm, Alienation, Bittersweet, Futuristic, Anthemic

Musical Qualities: Glitchy, Catchy, Sampling, Distorted, Vocal Manipulation, Dense, Melodic, Electro-Acoustic, Lush, Vocal Harmonies, Digital Production

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Autechre – Exai

Style: Glitch, IDM, Experimental Electronic

Moods: Futuristic, Mechanical, Cold, Urban, Hypnotic, Surreal, Anxious, Dystopian, Mysterious, Cinematic, Suspenseful

Musical Qualities: Digital, Generative Software, Percussive, Polyrhythmic, Glitchy, Repetitive, Dense, Complex, Sampling

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Broadcast – Haha Sound

Style: Neo-Psychedelia, Space Age Pop, Dream Pop

Vibes: Cryptic, Spacey, Retro-Futuristic, Occult, Hypnotic, Ethereal, Existential Mellow, Bittersweet, Dreamy, Romantic, Surreal, Playful, Deadpan, Tender, Lullaby

Musical Qualities: Lush, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Catchy, Motorik, Melodic, Noisy

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Marion Brown – Duets

Compilation of two duo records:
“Creative Improvisation Ensemble” recorded with Wadada Leo Smith in 1970
“Soundways” recorded with Elliott Schwartz in 1973

Style: Creative Music, Free Improvisation, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibes: Open, Suspenseful, Abstract, Deconstructed, Intertwined, Restrained, Searching, Spontaneous

Musical Qualities: Dynamic, Poly-Free Improvisation, Atonal, Percussive, Slow, Sparse, Instrumental

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Joseph Allred – Hoddmímis Holt

Style: Appalachian Folk Music, American Primitivism

Vibes: Rootsy, Spiritual, Warm, Passionate, Meditative, Religious, Storytelling, Sentimental, spiritual, storytelling

Musical Qualities: Acoustic, Traditional, Lyrical, Droney, Open Tunings, Solo, Sparse

Instrumentation: Vocals, Harmonium, Acoustic Guitars (6- & 12-String), Autoharp, Piano, Banjo

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El-P – Fantastic Damage

featuring Aesop Rock, Vast Aire, DJ Abilities, Cage, Ill Bill, Camu Tao, Rob Sonic, Mr. Lif, C-Rayz Walz, Nasa

Style: Hip-Hop [Experimental, Hardcore, Industrial, East Coast, Abstract]

Vibes: Rebellious, Dystopian, Futuristic, Urban, Sarcastic, Rebellious, Aggressive, Chaotic, Surreal, Angry, Industrial, Confident, Political, Science Fiction, Energetic, Sexual, Colorful, Messy, Apocalyptic, Disturbing, Raw

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Andrew Hill – Point of Departure

featuring Eric Dolphy, Joe Henderson, Tony Williams, Richard Davis, Kenny Dorham

Style: Avante-Garde Jazz, Post-Bop

Vibes: acoustic, Knotty, Searching, Complex, Woozy, Serpentine, Exploratory, Elegant improvisation, innovative, knotty, nocturnal, passionate, playful, polyphonic, progressive, reflective, rhythmic, thematic, woozy,

Musical Qualities: Polyphonic, Acoustic, Thematic Improvisation, Progressive

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Trans Am – Red Line

Style: MotoRock, Cyberpunk, Experimental Rock, Krautrock

Vibes: Mechanical, Futuristic, Driving, Aggressive, Dystopian, Energetic, Powerful, Spacey, Energetic

Musical Qualities: Rhythmic, Motorik, Riffs, Uncommon Time Signatures, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Repetitive, Noisy

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John Fahey – Sea Changes & Coelacanths

4LP Box Set including the albums “Womblife”, “Georgia Stomps, Atlanta Struts, and Other Contemporary Dance Favorites”, and
“Hard Time Empty Bottle Blues”

Style: Avant-Folk, Free-Folk, Ambient Blues, American Primitivism, Tape Music

Vibes: Haunting, Nocturnal, Murky, Brooding, Eerie, Aquatic, Bluesy, Woozy, Raw, Meditative

Musical Qualities: Instrumental, Sparse, Improvisation, Collage, Vignettes, Suite, Electro-acoustic, Live

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Jack DeJohnette – Sorcery

with Dave Holland, Bennie Maupin, John Abercrombie, Michael Fellerman, & Mick Goodrick

Style: Psychedelic Jazz-Rock, Prog, Jazz Fusion

Vibe: Exploratory, Mysterious, Driving, Groovy, Psychedelic, Bluesy, Eclectic

Musical Qualities: Improvisation, Dub, Shred, Technical, Rhythmic. Progressive

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Osamu Kitajima – Osamu

Style: Fusion, Neoclassical New Age, Jazz-Rock, Progressive Rock, Mystical Folk

Vibes: Ethereal, Groovy, Exploratory, Dreamy, Cosmic, Meditative, Playful, Psychedelic, Smooth, Soothing, Spiritual

Instrumentation: Koto, Biwa, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Shakuhachi, Nohkan, Strings, Rhodes, Organ, Clavinet, Synthesizers, Chamberlin, Drums, Electric & Acoustic Bass

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Abdul Wadud – By Myself

Style: Free-Improvisation, Chamber-Jazz, Spiritual Jazz

Vibes: Contemplative, Searching, Autumnal, Intimate, Elegant, Free, Spiritual, Meditative, Bittersweet, Mysterious, Hypnotic, Passionate, Pastoral

Instrumentation: Cello

Musical Qualities: Improvisation, Solo, Instrumental, Sparse

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75 Dollar Bill – Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock

Style: Desert Blues, Psychedelic Trance Rock, Tishoumaren, Post-Minimalism

Vibes: Hypnotic, Desert, Earthy, Psychedelic, Communal, Driving, Ritualistic

Musical Qualities: Polyrhythmic, Percussive, Riffs, Improvisation, Instrumental, Repetitive, Microtonal

Instrumentation: Homemade Percussion, Plywood Crate, 12-String Guitar, Shakers, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Viola, Trumpet, Saxophone (Baritone & Alto)

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Fern Knight – Castings

Style: Acid Folk, Progressive Folk-Rock

Vibes: Occult, Forest, Medieval, Epic, Nocturnal, Mystical, Brooding, Witchy

Musical Qualities: Riffs, Progressive, Fuzzy, Lyrical

Instrumentation: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Cello, Harp, Violin, Drums, Electric Bass

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M. Sage – Paradise Crick

Style: Psychedelic Electronic, Ambient Americana

Vibes: Nature, Pastoral, Peaceful, Soothing, Hallucinogenic, Impressionistic, Light, Colorful, Forest

Instrumentation: Modular Synthesizer, Keyboards, Flute, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Percussion, Violin, Autoharp, Harmonica, Penny Whistle, Vocals

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Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Five: In the Garden

Style: Free Jazz, Creative Music, Liberation Music, Jazz Poetry, Spiritual Jazz

Vibe: Passionate, Rootsy, Poetic, Storytelling, Rebellious, Compassionate, Intertwined, Haunting, Spiritual, Driving, Communal, Triumphant, Sad, Powerful

Themes: Ancestry, History, Feminism, Trauma, Memory, Black Liberation, Identity, Death

Musical Qualities: Suite, Thematic, Graphic Score, Improvisation, Spoken Word, Complex, Group Vocals

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Paul Bley Trio – Closer

Paul Bley (Piano); Steve Swallow (Upright Bass); Barry Altschul (Drums)

Style: Post-Bop, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibes: Mysterious, Playful, Impressionistic, Exploratory, Reflective, Intimate, Morning

Musical Qualities: Sparse, Acoustic, Improvisation, Instrumental, Lo-Fi

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