Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Les Jardins Mystiques Vol. 1

featuring Deantoni Parks, Austin Peralta, Thundercat, Kamasi Washington, DOMi & JD Beck, Jeff Parker, Carlos Niño, Bennie Maupin, Jamael Dean, Jamire Williams, Josh Johnson, Brandon Coleman, Devin Daniels, Lara Somogyi, Liza Wallace, Sara Andon, Alison Bjorkedal, Ambrose Akinmusire, Dexter Story & more

Style: Cosmic Chamber-Jazz, Progressive Exotica, Jazz Fusion, Third Stream

Vibes: Ethereal, Mystical, Cosmic, Immersive, Communal, Epic, Colorful, Flowing, Contemplative, Fantasy, Reflective, Spiritual, Eclectic

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Emil Amos – Zone Black

Styles: Library Music, Psych Rock, Instrumental Hip-Hop, Ambient

Vibes: Noir, Brooding, Nocturnal, Cinematic, Focused, Smooth, Shadowy, Eerie, Psychedelic, Sensual, Suspenseful

Musical Qualities: Atmospheric, Home Recording, Beats, Instrumental, Loops, Sampling

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Robert Wyatt – The Animals Film

Style: Progressive Electronic, Film Score, Experimental

Vibes: Dystopian, Hallucinatory, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Gloomy, Hypnotic, Futuristic, Exploratory, Ominous, Cinematic, Haunting, Imaginative

Musical Qualities: Suite, Vignettes, Atmospheric, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Progressive

Instrumentation: Synthesizers, Piano, Experimental Vocals, Drums

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Murcof – Remembranza

Styles: Chamber Ambient, Dark Ambient, Glitch, Ambient Techno

Vibes: Nocturnal, Brooding, Eerie, Mysterious, Cinematic, Dark, Desolate, Hypnotic, Melancholy, Mournful, Mysterious, Ominous, Shadowy, Sombre, Suspenseful

Musical Qualities: Micro-Sampling, Electro-Acoustic, Glitchy, Atmospheric, Instrumental, Orchestral, Beats

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Bon Iver – 22, a Million

Style: Glitch-Pop, Art Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Vibes: Cryptic, Surreal, Mechanical, Mystical, Existential, Knotty, Warm, Alienation, Bittersweet, Futuristic, Anthemic

Musical Qualities: Glitchy, Catchy, Sampling, Distorted, Vocal Manipulation, Dense, Melodic, Electro-Acoustic, Lush, Vocal Harmonies, Digital Production

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Autechre – Exai

Style: Glitch, IDM, Experimental Electronic

Moods: Futuristic, Mechanical, Cold, Urban, Hypnotic, Surreal, Anxious, Dystopian, Mysterious, Cinematic, Suspenseful

Musical Qualities: Digital, Generative Software, Percussive, Polyrhythmic, Glitchy, Repetitive, Dense, Complex, Sampling

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Broadcast – Haha Sound

Style: Neo-Psychedelia, Space Age Pop, Dream Pop

Vibes: Cryptic, Spacey, Retro-Futuristic, Occult, Hypnotic, Ethereal, Existential Mellow, Bittersweet, Dreamy, Romantic, Surreal, Playful, Deadpan, Tender, Lullaby

Musical Qualities: Lush, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Catchy, Motorik, Melodic, Noisy

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Marion Brown – Duets

Compilation of two duo records:
“Creative Improvisation Ensemble” recorded with Wadada Leo Smith in 1970
“Soundways” recorded with Elliott Schwartz in 1973

Style: Creative Music, Free Improvisation, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibes: Open, Suspenseful, Abstract, Deconstructed, Intertwined, Restrained, Searching, Spontaneous

Musical Qualities: Dynamic, Poly-Free Improvisation, Atonal, Percussive, Slow, Sparse, Instrumental

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Joseph Allred – Hoddmímis Holt

Style: Appalachian Folk Music, American Primitivism

Vibes: Rootsy, Spiritual, Warm, Passionate, Meditative, Religious, Storytelling, Sentimental, spiritual, storytelling

Musical Qualities: Acoustic, Traditional, Lyrical, Droney, Open Tunings, Solo, Sparse

Instrumentation: Vocals, Harmonium, Acoustic Guitars (6- & 12-String), Autoharp, Piano, Banjo

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El-P – Fantastic Damage

featuring Aesop Rock, Vast Aire, DJ Abilities, Cage, Ill Bill, Camu Tao, Rob Sonic, Mr. Lif, C-Rayz Walz, Nasa

Style: Hip-Hop [Experimental, Hardcore, Industrial, East Coast, Abstract]

Vibes: Rebellious, Dystopian, Futuristic, Urban, Sarcastic, Rebellious, Aggressive, Chaotic, Surreal, Angry, Industrial, Confident, Political, Science Fiction, Energetic, Sexual, Colorful, Messy, Apocalyptic, Disturbing, Raw

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Andrew Hill – Point of Departure

featuring Eric Dolphy, Joe Henderson, Tony Williams, Richard Davis, Kenny Dorham

Style: Avante-Garde Jazz, Post-Bop

Vibes: acoustic, Knotty, Searching, Complex, Woozy, Serpentine, Exploratory, Elegant improvisation, innovative, knotty, nocturnal, passionate, playful, polyphonic, progressive, reflective, rhythmic, thematic, woozy,

Musical Qualities: Polyphonic, Acoustic, Thematic Improvisation, Progressive

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Trans Am – Red Line

Style: MotoRock, Cyberpunk, Experimental Rock, Krautrock

Vibes: Mechanical, Futuristic, Driving, Aggressive, Dystopian, Energetic, Powerful, Spacey, Energetic

Musical Qualities: Rhythmic, Motorik, Riffs, Uncommon Time Signatures, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Repetitive, Noisy

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John Fahey – Sea Changes & Coelacanths

4LP Box Set including the albums “Womblife”, “Georgia Stomps, Atlanta Struts, and Other Contemporary Dance Favorites”, and
“Hard Time Empty Bottle Blues”

Style: Avant-Folk, Free-Folk, Ambient Blues, American Primitivism, Tape Music

Vibes: Haunting, Nocturnal, Murky, Brooding, Eerie, Aquatic, Bluesy, Woozy, Raw, Meditative

Musical Qualities: Instrumental, Sparse, Improvisation, Collage, Vignettes, Suite, Electro-acoustic, Live

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Jack DeJohnette – Sorcery

with Dave Holland, Bennie Maupin, John Abercrombie, Michael Fellerman, & Mick Goodrick

Style: Psychedelic Jazz-Rock, Prog, Jazz Fusion

Vibe: Exploratory, Mysterious, Driving, Groovy, Psychedelic, Bluesy, Eclectic

Musical Qualities: Improvisation, Dub, Shred, Technical, Rhythmic. Progressive

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Osamu Kitajima – Osamu

Style: Fusion, Neoclassical New Age, Jazz-Rock, Progressive Rock, Mystical Folk

Vibes: Ethereal, Groovy, Exploratory, Dreamy, Cosmic, Meditative, Playful, Psychedelic, Smooth, Soothing, Spiritual

Instrumentation: Koto, Biwa, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Shakuhachi, Nohkan, Strings, Rhodes, Organ, Clavinet, Synthesizers, Chamberlin, Drums, Electric & Acoustic Bass

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Abdul Wadud – By Myself

Style: Free-Improvisation, Chamber-Jazz, Spiritual Jazz

Vibes: Contemplative, Searching, Autumnal, Intimate, Elegant, Free, Spiritual, Meditative, Bittersweet, Mysterious, Hypnotic, Passionate, Pastoral

Instrumentation: Cello

Musical Qualities: Improvisation, Solo, Instrumental, Sparse

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75 Dollar Bill – Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock

Style: Desert Blues, Psychedelic Trance Rock, Tishoumaren, Post-Minimalism

Vibes: Hypnotic, Desert, Earthy, Psychedelic, Communal, Driving, Ritualistic

Musical Qualities: Polyrhythmic, Percussive, Riffs, Improvisation, Instrumental, Repetitive, Microtonal

Instrumentation: Homemade Percussion, Plywood Crate, 12-String Guitar, Shakers, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Viola, Trumpet, Saxophone (Baritone & Alto)

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Fern Knight – Castings

Style: Acid Folk, Progressive Folk-Rock

Vibes: Occult, Forest, Medieval, Epic, Nocturnal, Mystical, Brooding, Witchy

Musical Qualities: Riffs, Progressive, Fuzzy, Lyrical

Instrumentation: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Cello, Harp, Violin, Drums, Electric Bass

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M. Sage – Paradise Crick

Style: Psychedelic Electronic, Ambient Americana

Vibes: Nature, Pastoral, Peaceful, Soothing, Hallucinogenic, Impressionistic, Light, Colorful, Forest

Instrumentation: Modular Synthesizer, Keyboards, Flute, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Percussion, Violin, Autoharp, Harmonica, Penny Whistle, Vocals

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Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Five: In the Garden

Style: Free Jazz, Creative Music, Liberation Music, Jazz Poetry, Spiritual Jazz

Vibe: Passionate, Rootsy, Poetic, Storytelling, Rebellious, Compassionate, Intertwined, Haunting, Spiritual, Driving, Communal, Triumphant, Sad, Powerful

Themes: Ancestry, History, Feminism, Trauma, Memory, Black Liberation, Identity, Death

Musical Qualities: Suite, Thematic, Graphic Score, Improvisation, Spoken Word, Complex, Group Vocals

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Paul Bley Trio – Closer

Paul Bley (Piano); Steve Swallow (Upright Bass); Barry Altschul (Drums)

Style: Post-Bop, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibes: Mysterious, Playful, Impressionistic, Exploratory, Reflective, Intimate, Morning

Musical Qualities: Sparse, Acoustic, Improvisation, Instrumental, Lo-Fi

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Art Bears – Winter Songs

Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Dagmar Krause

Style: Rock in Opposition, Avant-Prog, Tape Music, Chamber Rock

Vibes: Dystopian, Sombre, Winter, Ominous, Anxious, Cold, Disturbing, Knotty, Suspenseful, Theatric, Eccentric

Musical Qualities: Dissonant, Complex, Uncommon Time Signatures, Extended Technique, Loops, Technical, Progressive, Studio-as-an-Instrument

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Alan Silva and His Celestrial Communication Orchestra – Luna Surface

featuring Leroy Jenkins, Archie Shepp, Malachi Favors, Anthony Braxton, Grachan Moncur III, Dave Burrell, Claude Delcloo, Kenneth Terroade, Bernard Vitet, Berb Guérin

Style: Free Space Music, Cosmic Jazz, Avant-Garde Big Band

Vibe: Intense, Chaotic, Bombastic, Ecstatic, Free, Cosmic, Hypnotic, Raw, Communal, Apocalyptic

Musical Qualities: Conducted Improvisation, Dense, Atonal, Dissonant, Acoustic

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Arthur Russell – Iowa Dream

Style: Singer/Songwriter, Folk Pop, Americana

Vibe: Warm, Tender, Romantic, Reflective, Playful, Love, Compassionate, Rustic, Bittersweet, Intimate, Mellow

Musical Qualities: Catchy, Lyrical, Lush, Home Recording, Acoustic, Melodic

Instrumentation: Vocals, Cello, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Drums, Keyboards, Organ, Vibraphone, Tabla, Violin, Bongos, Horns, Flute, Bass

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Henry Flynt – Graduation

LPx2, Archival, Superior Viaduct, 2001 / 2013 Recorded 1975-1979 Style: Weird Americana, “Cowboy Raga”, Old-Time, Celestial Boogie, Back-porch Minimalism Vibes: Hypnotic, Warm, Rural, Summer, Energetic, Groovy, Playful, Psychedelic, Rootsy, Ecstatic Instrumentation: Fiddle, Tapes, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Saxophone, Drums Musical Qualities: Droney, Instrumental, Improvisation, Minimalistic, Modal, Repetitive Graduation by Henry Flynt

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Julie Byrne – The Greater Wings

with Jake Falby, Alex Somers, Eric Littmann, Marilu Donovan, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma & Nadia Hulett

Style: Chamber-Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Ambient Pop, New Age

Vibes: Heartfelt, Reflective, Loving, Bittersweet, Mournful, Healing, Introspective, Compassionate, Observational, Poetic, Contemplative, Ethereal, Summer

Musical Qualities: Lyrical, Soft, Lush, Orchestral

Instrumentation: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Strings, Piano, Synthesizers, Harp, Modular Synthesizer

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P.G. Six – Murmurs & Whispers

Style: Singer/Songwriter, Neo-Medieval Folk, Celtic Folk

Vibe: Reflective, Gentle, Intimate, Winter, Morning, Soothing, Mellow, Romantic, Medieval, Mournful

Musical Qualities: Acoustic, Soft, Lush, Lyrical, Vocal Harmonies

Instrumentation: Celtic Harp, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Hurdy Gurdy, Recorder, Electric Bass, Vocals, Saxophone, Flute, Percussion

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Alabaster DePlume – Come With Fierce Grace

Style: Spiritual Jazz, Progressive Jazz

Vibe: Polyvocal, Communal, Uplifting, Warm, Triumphant, Flowing, Driving, Groovy, Raw, Hypnotic, Reflective, Colorful, Spiritual, Rebellious, Compassionate

Musical Qualities: Collective Improvisation, Thematic, Polyphonic, Dub, Suite, Loose, Rhythmic, Percussive, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Analogue Recording

Instrumentation: Tenor Sax, Electric Guitar, Synthesizers, Electric Bass, Multiple Drummers, Tabla, Upright Bass, Cello, Group Vocals, Piano, Percussion

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Daniel Bachman – When the Roses Come Again

Style: Avant-Folk, Ambient Americana, Free-Folk, American Primitivism

Vibes: Meditative, Personal, Morning, Pastoral, Earthy, History, Hypnotic, Summer, Nature, Soothing

Musical Qualities: Collage, Electro-Acoustic, Glitchy, Suite, Vignettes, Instrumental, Sampling, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Atmospheric

Instrumentation: Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Mouthbow, Fiddle, Homemade Instruments, Harmonium, Bell

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The Necks – Travel

Style: Post-Minimalism, Atmospheric Chamber-Jazz, Free Improvisation

Vibe: Flowing, Patient, Focused, Suspenseful, Adventure, Hypnotic

Musical Qualities: Ostinato, Slow, Collective Improvisation, Minimalistic, Acoustic, Repetitive, Instrumental, Atmospheric

Instrumentation: Upright Bass, Drums, Piano, Organ

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Carlos Niño & Friends – (I’m just) Chillin’, On Fire

with Josh Johnson, André 3000, Deantoni Parks, Jamael Dean, Jamire Williams, Adam Rudolph, Aaron Shaw, Laraaji, Kamasi Washsington, Sibusile Xaba, Mia Doi Tod, Woo, Photay, Surya Botofasina & others

Style: “Spiritual Improvisational Space Collage”, Ambient Jazz, New Age

Vibe: Ethereal, Communal, Utopian, Meditative, Playful, Exploratory, Soothing, Conscious, Spiritual

Musical Qualities: Collage, Beats, Collective Improvisation, Sampling, Lush, Spoken Word

Carlos Niño & Friends – (I’m just) Chillin’, On Fire Read More »