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Kawabata Makoto – Hosanna Mantra

Style: Ritual Psych, Space Ambient, Drone

Vibes: Meditative, Cosmic, Ritualistic, Mysterious, Spiritual, Psychedelic, Hypnotic

Instrumentation: Electric Guitar, Bouzouki, Sitar

Embryo’s Reise

Recorded September 1978 – May 1979 in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, & Germany

Style: Free-Psych, Krautrock, Prog, Jazz-Rock, Raga Rock, Arabic Folk

Vibes: Adventure, Communal, Triumphant, Exploratory, Warm, Psychedelic, Bluesy, Playful, Energetic, Spiritual

Third Ear Band

Style: Psychedelic Chamber Music, Free Folk, Neo-Medieval Folk, Dhrupad

Vibes: Mystical, Medieval, Nature, Alchemical, Flowing, Meditative, Ritualistic, Mysterious, Earthy, Occult

Instrumentation: Cello, Oboe, Percussion, Violin/Viola

Dorothy Carter – Troubadour

LP, Celeste Recording, 1976 Style: Neo-Medieval Folk, Progressive Folk, Traditional [Appalachian, Celtic, European, Hymns] Vibes: Hypnotic, Flowing, Rootsy, Medieval, Passionate,…

Dadawah – Peace and Love – Wadadasow

Style: Nyahbinghi, Roots Reggae, Dub

Vibes: Ceremonial, Devotional, Ritualistic, Spiritual, Rastafari, Uplifting, Conscious, Mystical, Meditative, Peaceful, Introspective, Philosophical, Warm, Utopian, Tribal, Summer

Joseph Allred – New Jerusalem

Style: Avant-Folk, Southern Gothic, Post-Rock

Vibes: Apocalyptic, Brooding, Mystical, Epic, Utopian, Theological

Musical Qualities: Dynamic, Lyrical, Suite, Progressive

MV + EE – Green Ark

Style: Cosmic American Music, Folk-Funk, Country-Psych, Space Boogie

Vibes: Groovy, Hypnotic, Uplifting, Spacey, Carefree, Playful, Rural, Psychedelic, Romantic, Stoned, Summer, Dreamy

Kieran Hebden & William Tyler – Darkness, Darkness

Style: Psychedelic Electronic, Post-Rock, Trip-Hop, Ambient, Krautrock-Influenced

Vibes: Hypnotic, Uplifting, Warm, Soothing, Summer, Peaceful

Musical Qualities: Sampling, Repetitive, Atmospheric, Improvisation, Progressive, Rhythmic

The Drift – Memory Drawings

Styles: Oceanic Rock, Jazz-Rock, Dub, Post-Rock

Vibes: Focused, Cinematic, Hypnotic, Aquatic, Groovy, Western, Mellow

Instrumentation: Trumpet, Electric Guitar, Upright Bass, Drums, Keyboards

Matt Baldwin – Mysteries [Review]

Mysteries’ process-based guitar meditations feel like introspective encounters with the unknown, never diving into chaos but leading you safely to the edge for observation.

recommended if you dig Ashra, Durutti Column or Popol Vuh

Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra – Flight 17

with Jesse Sharps, Adele Sebastian, Horace Tapscott, etc

Style: Experimental Big Band, Spiritual Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibes: Communal, Uplifting, Ecstatic, Triumphant, Driving, Spiritual, Energetic, Cathartic, Complex, Groovy, Passionate, Warm

Alan Silva and the Celestrial Communication Orchestra – Seasons

Lineup: Alan Silva, Roscoe Mitchell, Robin Kenyatta, Don Moye, Steve Lacy, Jerome Cooper, Dave Burrell, Bernard Vitet, Alan Shorter, Joseph Jarman, Ronnie Beer, Michel Portal, Dieter Gewissler, Jouk Minor, Kent Carter, Irene Aebi, Oliver Johnson, Joachim Kuhn

Style: Cosmic Big-Band, Creative Music, Free Jazz

Vibes: Apocalyptic, Cosmic, Cathartic, Communal, Intense, Ritualistic, Entropic, Meditative, Spiritual, Mysterious, Energetic

Musical Qualities: Conducted Improvisation, Dense, Acoustic, Instrumental, Atonal, Orchestral, Active Listening, Complex, Noisy, Heavy, Progressive

Fern Knight – Music for Witches and Alchemists

featuring members of Espers, The Eyesores & Jesse Sparhawk

Style: Acid Folk, Progressive Chamber-Folk

Vibes: Mystical, Forest, Flowing, Sombre, Medieval, Witchy, Eerie, Fantasy, Melancholy, Autumnal, Eerie, Mysterious

Animal Collective – Centipede Hz

Style: Neo-Psychedelia, Noise Pop

Vibes: Manic, Messy, Tropical, Summer, Playful, Chaotic, Catchy, Cryptic, Primal, Surreal

Musical Qualities: Noisy, Dense, Loops, Sampling, Radio Broadcast, Suite

dredg – El Cielo

LPx2, 45rpm, Self-Released, 2002 / 2012 pressing First Vinyl Pressing (2012)Originally released on CD by Interscope Records (2002) Style: Art…

Pat Metheny / Ornette Coleman – Song X

with Charlie Haden, Jack DeJohnette, Denardo Coleman

Style: Jazz Fission, Free Jazz

Vibes: Entropic, Bombastic, Triumphant, Futuristic, Abstract, Chaotic, Climactic, Complex, Manic

Michael Gross – Songs for a Conspiratorial Thereness

Style: Experimental Electronic, Neo-Psychedelia, Ambient

Vibes: Insectile, Primordial, Woozy, Tender, Warm, Abstract, Hallucinogenic, Meditative, Surreal, Soothing

Musical Qualities: Electro-Acoustic, Home Recording, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Loops, Rhythmic, Soft, Deconstructed, Glitchy, Solo


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