Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version

Style: Drone-Doom

Vibe: Deep, Claustrophobic, Lethargic, Meditative, Heavy, Visceral, Earthy, Apocalyptic, Focused, Spiritual, Psychedelic

Musical Qualities: Slow, Fuzzy, Riffs, Dense, Repetitive, Minimalistic, Atmospheric, Droney, Instrumental

Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I

Style: Drone Rock, Post-Rock

Vibe: Meditative, Desert, Hypnotic, Soothing, Spiritual, Western, Lethargic, Determined, Psychedelic

Musical Qualities: Slow, Riffs, Repetition, Improvisation, Minimalistic, Instrumental

Earth – Primitive and Deadly

Style: Drone Rock, Stoner Rock, Heavy Psych

Vibe: Triumphant, Deliberate, Focused, Fuzzy, Heavy, Powerful, Hypnotic, Western

Musical Attributes: Repetitive, Riffs, Slow, Droney, Feedback

Earth – Radio Live

Released in 2009 on Southern Lord Records Recorded live in 2007 and 2008 Format: LP