Moonshake – Big Good Angel

Style: No Wave, Post-Rock, Noise Rock, Avant-Dub

Vibes: Gritty, Angsty, Urban, Messy, Aggressive, Ominous , Chaotic, Anxious, Dark, Groovy, Surreal, Eccentric

Musical Qualities: Noisy, Sampling, Dissonant, Loops, Rhythmic, Dense, Driving, Dub, Heavy

Deux Filles – Silence & Wisdom

Style: Ethereal Wave, Ambient Pop, Ambient

Vibes: Mysterious, Dreamy, Whimsical, Ethereal, Reflective, Meditative, Nocturnal, Eclectic, Intimate, Soothing, Exploratory, Haunting, Bittersweet, Healing, Hypnotic

Musical Qualities: Soft, Minimalistic, Atmospheric, Sparse

Modern Nature – No Fixed Point in Space

Style & Influences: Chamber Folk, Post-Rock, Chamber Jazz, Ambient Pop

Vibe: Patient, Winter Mornings, Impressionistic, Peaceful, Soothing, Nature, Meditative, Soft, Slow, Lush

Instrumentation: Fender Rhodes, Piano, Upright Bass, Electric Guitar, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Violin, Drums, Dulcimer, Clarinet, Percussion, Tape Loops

David Sylvian – Blemish

featuring Derek Bailey & Fennesz

Style: Experimental Songwriter, Electroacoustic, Reductionism

Vibe: Lonely, Winter, Reflective, Sombre, Cold, Breakup, Depressive, Surreal, Meditative, Desolate

Musical Qualities: Electro-Acoustic, Glitchy, Sparse, Soft, Dissonant

Led Zeppelin – IV [Untitled]

Style: Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Folk-Rock

Vibe: Epic, Confident, Mythic, Hedonistic, Bombastic, Cryptic, Fantasy, Rebellious, Eclectic, Groovy

Musical Qualities: Riffs, Bluesy, Rhythmic, Dynamic, Heavy, Shred, Progressive

Rustin Man – Drift Code

Style: Singer/Songwriter, Art Pop, Chamber-Jazz

Vibes: Autumnal, Sombre, Introspective, Vaudeville, Lush, Sentimental, Theatric, Surreal, Storytelling, Haunting

Kevin Ayers – Bananamour

Vibe: Uplifting, Spring, Whimsical, Groovy, Peaceful, Spacey, Sunny, Joyful

Musical Qualities: Lush, Catchy, Polished, Background Singers, Lyrical

Style: Psychedelic Soul, Canterbury Scene, Prog-Pop

Pentangle – Solomon’s Seal

Style: Brit-Folk, Chamber Folk, Jazz-Folk

Vibe: Flowing, Morning, Breezy, Warm, Medieval, Sentimental, Rootsy, Mellow, Pastoral, Uplifting

Musical Qualities: Vocal Harmonies, Acoustic, Traditional, Melodic, Improvisation

Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitars (Fingerstyle), Vocals, Upright Bass, Sitar, Dulcimer, Banjo, Recorder, Harmonica, Electric Guitar, Drums

David Sylvian – Gone To Earth

Style: Ambient Pop, Progressive Pop (LP1), Ambient (LP2)

Vibe: Ethereal, Introspective, Sombre, Sentimental, Spiritual, Winter, Lush, Meditative, Longing, Soothing

Musical Qualities: Atmospheric, Progressive, Polyphonic, Polyrhythmic, Polished, Ballads

FKA Twigs – M3LL155X

Style: Glitch Pop, Art Pop, Future R&B, UK Bass

Vibe: Sensual, Mechanical, Futuristic, Sexual, Anxious, Surreal, Urban, Cold

Musical Qualities: Digital, Melodic, Glitchy, Dense

Holden – The Inheritors

Style: Progressive Electronic, IDM, Microhouse

Vibe: Ancient, Tribal, Ritualistic, Pagan, Brooding, Mythic, Cold, Visceral, Mechanical, Hypnotic, Driving, Epic, Focused, Mysterious, Mystical, Patient, Powerful, Suspenseful, Earthy

Musical Qualities: Repetitive, Distorted, Heavy, Rhythmic, Percussive, Loops, Dissonant, Dense, Instrumental, Pulse, Noisy, Progressive, Field Recordings, Sampling

Instrumentation: Bodhrán (Irish Frame Drum), Synthesizers, Drum Machine, Saxophone, Organ, Chanting, Melodeon (Pump Organ), Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Xylophone, Live Electronics

Wildflower – Wildflower

Style: Spiritual Jazz

Vibe: Warm, Spiritual, Groovy

Musical Attributes: Melodic, Improvisation, Acoustic (Upright Bass, Drums, Flute/Saxophone)

Stereolab – Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night

Style: Progressive Pop, Space Age Pop

Influences: Kosmische Musik, Bossa Nova, French Pop, Lounge

Vibe: Spacey, Lush, Retro-Futuristic, Catchy, Groovy, Motorik, Nocturnal, Uplifting

Musical Attributes: Melodic, Headphone Album, Odd Time Signatures, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Progressive, Lyrical

Lyrics: Philosophical, Political, Communist, Bi-Lingual (English and French)

Instrumentation: Synthesizers, Vibraphone, Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Vocals, Brass, Strings, Keys (Organ, Clavinet, Harpsichord, Wurlitzer)

King Crimson – In the Court of the Crimson King

Released in 1969 on Atlantic Format: LP Pressing quality: While this album is a masterpiece, these early pressings/masters sound a little tinny and lacking in low end. The recent reissues I’ve heard seem to be improved quality.