Creative Construction Company – CCC

Released in 1975 on Muse Records

Recorded in 1970 at Peace Church, NYC

Format: LP


“We have a cooperative group. We’re not basically a solo band; our thing is collective improvisation” – Leroy Jenkins

This intriguing live album features some of Chicago’s finest musicians and founding members of the AACM: Muhal Richard Abrams, Anthony Braxton, Leroy Jenkins, Richard Davis, Wadada Leo Smith, and Steve McCall. Recorded at Peace Church NYC in 1970 this 36 minute spontaneous composition, as mentioned above, doesn’t focus on soloing or instrumental technicality or rambunctious improvisIng, but creating and progressing an initially suspenseful, mysterious mood through focused, cohesive movements, with new sounds, moods, and melodies around every corner. Most of the musicians here play multiple instruments to sustain a versatile color palette; violinist Leroy also plays recorder, toy xylophone, harmonica, and bicycle horn; saxophonist Braxton also plays flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, and chimes; Muhal plays cello and clarinet in addition to the piano; Wadada plays all kinds of horns and McCall does all kinds of percussion. Bassist Richard Davis, who’s played on masterpieces like Eric Dolphy’s Out to Lunch and Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks, gets such a great, present tone out of his instrument, which he uses melodically, rhythmically, and atmospherically on this recording. Overall this is the kind of set that transcends the skills and personalities of the individuals in favor of the creative collective.

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