Dead Recipe – Day of Mangoes [Review]

Album Information:

Self-released on April 7, 2015

Produced by Dead Recipe

Artwork by Natal Lawson

Format: 10?


“Day of Mangoes” is overstimulation at it’s finest. Just imagine floating down a river through an unexplored tropical paradise where every corner brings a new array of colorful sounds. Warm synths gliding over clunking piano give way to chorus-drenched highlife guitars strumming over thick synth basslines. Manipulated vocal samples emerge from nowhere and then disappear into radio static just as quickly. Even the dual male/female vocals are constantly shifting roles; they are just as likely be in the forefront singing an infectious melody as they are to be a background texture or a rhythmic loop.

Despite the ever-changing sonic scenery, the album never loses its flow. This is because the heart of the music is the beat itself; all the other instruments support the beat rather than the other way around. Dancey drum machines are mixed in with tribal percussion, otherworldly guitar noises, samples, hand claps, and finger snaps to create a rhythmic collage so dense that it’s easy to get lost in the details. Although picking apart every sound is tempting, it soon becomes clear that this album really moves you when you zoom out and experience it as a kaleidoscopic whole.

This album is highly recommended to anyone interested in some fun, psychedelic dance music that draws as much from Animal Collective as it does from Madlib or King Sunny Ade.


Side One

1. Sushi Noir – 2:02

2. Early Morning Sketches – 3:20

3. Day of Bread – 1:00

4. Mariana Trench – 2:54

Side Two

1. Other’s Each – 2:47

2. Zaza – 3:53

3. Suzi Forbes – 3:34

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