Do Make Say Think – Goodbye Enemy Airship, The Landlord is Dead

Album Information:

Released in 2000 on Constellation Records

Recorded in a barn on the weekend of August 1st 1999 near Port Hope Ontario, except “Goodbye Enemy Airship” and “The Apartment Song”, recorded at CIUT radio in Toronto December, 1998.

Format: LP

Catalogue: CST010

Press Release:

Recorded in an old wooden barn, this second album is swaddled in twilight autumnal ambiance. While the record is bookended by the band’s awesome psych-rock explosions, much of the material here shows increased referencing of jazz influences (modal horns, brushed percussion) and a more organic deployment of micro-electronics. Raw and polished, visceral and cerebral, the band combines rock and jazz traditions of space music with the ‘instrumental’ potentials of mixing room to present a true gem of a record.

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