Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear

Released in 2015 on Sub Pop Records

Format: LPx2

Deluxe edition


Josh Tillman is an open book; while his last album (Fear Fun) dove into his story of personal transformation and self discovery, I Love You, Honeybear explores his relationship with his wife and the effect she’s had on his life. In other words, this is an album of sappy love songs injected with Tillman’s flamboyant charm, honesty, and satirical humor. The lush orchestrations of strings, gospel choirs, and country instrumentation adapt as necessary to push his storytelling to cinematic heights.

Recommended to anyone looking for a country-tinged singer/songwriter with a lot of personality and humor, that isn’t afraid to be mushy gushy with love songs (if you love someone, why should you be afraid to announce it loudly and proudly?!). Fans of Neil Young or Bright Eye’s mid-late 2000?s albums might really dig.

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