Rituals of the Moonlit Wood [DJ Mix]

Rituals of the Moonlit Wood is a 100-minute vinyl mixtape for those unafraid to venture into the depths of the shadowy unknown….featuring nocturnal and ritualistic music of the acid-folk, drone, and experimental variety.

Full Tracklist Below


  1. Between – Sunset (Dharana)
  2. Fursaxa – Lunaria Enters the Blue Lodge (Alone in the Dark Wood)
  3. Between – Om Namo Buddhaya (Dharana)
  4. 500mg – Condition of a Trance (Vertical Approach)
  5. Tarentel – Ghostly Head (The Order of Things)
  6. Six Organs of Admittance – Dark Noontide (Dark Noontide)
  7. Senyawa – Sujud (Sujud)
  8. HRSTA – Saturn of Chagrin (Ghosts Will Come and Kiss Our Eyes)
  9. Natural Snow Buildings – Ongon’s Rattle (The Snowbringer’s Cult)
  10. Fursaxa – Celosia (Mycorrhizae Realm)
  11. Flying Saucer Attack – Rainstorm Blues (Further)
  12. Espers – Dead Queen (II)
  13. Six Organs of Admittance – Arm Their Rows (Hexadic II)
  14. Fursaxa – Twilight of Desire (Mandrake)
  15. Exuma – Mama Loi, Papa Loi (Exuma)
  16. Spaza – Magwinya, Mangola neWhite Liver (Spaza)
  17. Taj Mahal Travellers – Between 7:03-7:15pm (July 15, 1972)
  18. Third Ear Band – Druid One (Alchemy)
  19. Sarah Louise – Daybreak (Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars)

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