Sandro Perri – Impossible Spaces

Released in 2011 on Constellation Records

Format: LP


The cubist sophisti-pop of Impossible Spaces feels both breezy and proggy in its chilled-out intricacy. Sandro Perri’s evocative songwriting and catchy melodicism are brought into high-definition by warmly  futuristic production, atmospheric synthesizers, and lush arrangements for strings, horns, and woodwinds.

Style: Progressive Pop, Art Pop, Ambient Pop, Sophisti-pop

Vibe: Warm, Light, Breezy, Surreal, Futuristic, Mellow

Musical Attributes: Progressive, Atmospheric, Melodic, Catchy, Polished, Intricate

Instrumentation: Synthesizers, Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, Strings, Drum Machine, Horns, Flute, Bass Clarinet



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