Shakti – Shakti with John McLaughlin

Album Information:

Released in 1976 on Columbia Records

Recorded live at Southampton College, Long Island on July 5, 1975

Produced by John McLaughlin


Shakti means “Creative Intelligence, Beauty & Power” and trust me, these are all in abundance on ths devotional debut from fusion guitarist John McLaughlin and violinist L. Shankar. This quartet of Indian master musicians bring out possibly the best playing I’ve ever heard from McLaughlin. He plays a custom guitar on here with really light strings (for the sitar like bends), as well as built in drone strings inspired by the tamboura. So essentially his guitar handles the role of sitar and tamboura while 3 supreme percussionists fill out the rhythm and virtuosic violinist L Shankar shares the lead with John. The communication between musicians is on another level, with the kind of playing that requires 100% presence of mind in order to be successful. A blissfully uplifting and meditative release.

Track Listing:

Side one

  1. “Joy” (McLaughlin/Shankar) – 18:13
  2. “Lotus Feet” (McLaughlin) – 4:44

Side two

  1. “What Need Have I for This–What Need Have I for That–I Am Dancing at the Feet of My Lord–All Is Bliss–All Is Bliss” (McLaughlin/Shankar) – 29:03


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