Tangerine Dream – Phaedra

Released in 1974 on Virgin Records

Format: LP


While the music on Zeit feels motionlessly suspended in the empty vastness of space, Tangerine Dream seem to discover a swampy alien planet on Phaedra. Their exploratory vehicles are driven by pulsing sequencers as they traverse the mysterious terrain. Ghostly sounds of unknown creatures reverberate in the distance. Eventually they abandon their vehicles and wander cautiously through the dense layers of strange vegetation, eventually coming upon an epic structure unlike anything they’ve seen before, soundtracked by a dramatic chord progression on the mellotron. A fog of white noise descends upon them while strong synthesizer winds sweep through the air, causing them to seek refuge in this structure which seems to be an abandoned holy site. When it feels safe they make their way back to their vehicles in an attempt to race back to their mothership, but get lost on the way and come upon a tribe of local beings performing sacred rituals. A lush soundbath of echoing flutes enraptures and hypnotizes them, inducing a cloud of forgetting that helps their souls transcend to a state of peace they’ve never experienced before.

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