Tarentel – The Order of Things

Released in 2001 on Neurot/Static Caravan

Format: LPx2, with blank D-Side


The Order of Things takes you on a strange journey, starting off with a long ambient song built around field recordings, light acoustic guitar and weird drones in the background. I expected that most of the album would be similar to this, so I was really caught off guard when the next song became an upbeat, groovy post rock banger. Second side started of with more strange field recordings that go into an ambient-folk piano ballad featuring ghostly female vocals. Developing beneath the surface are gurgling sub-bass drones and screechy violin and cello sounds that add some interesting textures and helped take the song to different places. The final side starts with some interesting drones and field recordings that build into a fully orchestrated, beautiful string section, eventually fading into some more dark drones with creepy tape manipulation, beat-less tribal percussion, and more screechy, reverbed violins in the background. Somehow this goes into a slow full band part with horns, drums, bass, beautiful choir vocals, strings and more watery tape sounds. Overall I think this is an amazing album on first listen that took many left turns, yet somehow maintained a cohesive mood throughout, to the point where it felt like one song. Very subtle music with a lot going on beneath the surface. I highly recommend if you’re a fan of experimental post rock, drone, or ambient music that doesn’t like to be easily categorized.

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