The Incredible String Band – Wee Tam

Released on Elektra in 1968

Format: LP

Track Notes

A1 – Jobs Tears (Uplifting, Morning, Spiritual)

“Stranger than that we’re alive”

A2 – Puppies  (Peaceful, Sitar, Bowed Gimbri, Morning)

“Music is so much less than what you are”

A3 – Beyond the See (Instrumental featuring organ, harpsichord, whistle, and bowed gimbri

A4 – The Yellow Snake (Peaceful, Sitar, Mellow, Short)

A5 – Log Cabin Home in the Sky (Irish vibes, dual violin/fiddle, joyous pub sing-a-long)

B1 – You Get Brighter – (harpsichord, romantic, whimsical, sunny, ends with Indian-inspired singing about Krishna)

“You give all your brightness away and it only makes you brighter”

B2 – The Half-Remarkable Question (sitar and guitar share melodies, fantasy lyrics)

B3 – Air (Mellow lullaby vibe, flutes, hushed vocals)

B4 – Ducks on a Pond (

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