Tim Hecker – Konoyo

Released in 2018 on Kranky

Format: LPx2

Track Notes and Observations

A1. This Life (Droney, Climactic, Mournful)
  • Synths slowly dancing around each other in a beautiful sadness,
  • Woozy, pitches bend and release in and out of tune
  • Blooming structure, crescendos into overwhelming climax
  • Disintegrates into a ghostly version of itself with high pitch sounds
A2. In Death Valley (Disorienting, Hypnotic, Percussive)
  • Quiet, throbbing pulse joined by woozy out of time percussion, japanese string instrument, and samples
  •  pulses of synths and white noise bloom in bursts with percussive attack and delayed ringing noises, the polyphonic swarm of voices each in their own rhythmic patterns and tempos
  • woozy, disorienting, yet hypnotic pulses locked against each other
  • contains remnants of the past but moves forward, minimalistic but constant change
  • Slowly dies out, one layer at a time
B1. Is a Rose Petal of the Dying Crimson Light (Sparse, Short, Eerie)
  • Slow, hazy piano, ghostly, yet peaceful
  • Eerie, scratchy sounds occasionally intrude
  • Haunting flutes and transient resonances,
B2. Keyed Out (Cathartic, Epic)
  • Continues from last track with ominous bass drones
  • structure is ambiguous
  • dissonant layers of flutes
  • ghostly industrial sounds swell in, becomes extremely dense with many layers, with a beautiful fragmented and glitchy melody bubbling on the surface of the dense wall of sound.
  • fragmented, tribal drums bounce in
  • some of the background noises sound like screwdrivers
C1. In a Mother Earth Phase (Beautiful, Cello, Longing)
  • Bubbly intro, electro-acoustic glitch over deep cello and a clicking pulse
  • Emotional cries of cello doing scratchy semi-harmonics
  • Cellos throughout the song are so beautifully recorded and performed, sound so deep and resonant and create the songs emotional core
  • the bowing gets faster and more urgent
  • the song has an evolving, progressive structure with ever-shifting dynamics




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