Alfonso Lovo – La Gigantona

Released in 2012 by Numero Group

Recorded in 1976

Format: LP


Originally recorded in 1976, this psychedelic latin-jazz masterpiece never got a proper release due to both a lack of interest from record labels and Lovo’s family having to flee from Nicaragua in fear of the mass executions committed by the Sandinista government. Thanks to the wealth of his family, Lovo had no interest in commercial success and had access to Nicaragua’s best studio and musicians to create politically-charged music that fused his diverse interests in jazz, samba, surf, afro-latin rhythms, dub, and psych. While he played guitar and Fender Rhodes, and occasionally sang, Lovo was joined by a horn section arranged by Professor Roger Barrera, several additional guitarists, and a groovy, multi-percussionist rhythm section that included producer/bassist Roman Cerpas and Santana’s timbale player Jose Chepito Areas. The albums post-production was heavily inspired by dub and psychedelic music, utilizing tape delays, wah pedals, and a Minimoog to take the music’s trippiness to the next level. Anyone who hears this amazing album should be thankful that one of the acetates managed to survive in a storage box for the 36 years between the original recording and eventual release.

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