Julia Holter – Aviary

Released in 2018 on Domino Records

Format: LPx2

Includes 12″x12″ glossy lyric and photo booklet

Track Listing

*A1 – Turn the Light On (Bombastic, Energetic, Cathartic

A2 – Whether (Pulsing, Driving, Staccato)

*A3 – Chaitius (Ethereal, Atmospheric, Ambient, Progressive)
-long floating, atmospheric intro with wordless vocals
-becomes jazzy and cosmic as it builds
-loose and melodic upright bass throughout track)

*A4 – Voce Simul (Ethereal, Surreal, Otherworldly, Floating)
-deep keyboard-bass ostinato
-Vocal effects and overdubs, playing with Latin language
-ambient trumpets (In a Silent Way-influenced) and cosmic harps (Alice Coltrane-Influenced)


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