Rainy Days [DJ Mix]

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Track List

    1. “Mirroring All” by Bibio (A3 – Silver Wilkinson)
    2. “Viernes” by El Trio de Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – (A2 – Ciencia de los Inútiles)
    3. “Chimacum Rain” by Linda Perhacs (A1 – Parallelograms)
    4. “Raincoat” by Bibio (B2 – Silver Wilkinson)
    5. “Rain Song” by Cornelius (B5 – Mellow Waves)
    6. “Earthquake” by Deerhunter (A1 – Halcyon Digest)
    7. “Prayers for Rain” by The Cure (C1 – Disintegration)
    8. “Pray for Rain” by Massive Attack (A1 – Heligoland)
    9. “Without Stopping by Bowery Electric (A3 – Beat)
    10. “UK” by Burial (D2 – Untrue)
    11. “Endorphins” by Burial (D3 – Untrue)
    12. “Waltz for Aidan” by Mogwai (B2 – Come On Die Young)
    13. “Wedding Song” by Aerial M (A3 – Aerial M)
    14. “Landing” by Duster (A6 – Stratosphere)
    15. “After the Storm” by Western Skies Motel (B4 – Settlers)

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