Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition


Released in 2016 by Warp Records

Format: LPx2


On his Warp Records debut, the eccentric rapper crafts an album of shadowy hip-hop that expresses a unique creative vision. His bipolar, extremely personal lyrics fluctuate from paranoid agoraphobia and self-deprecating reflection to uninhibited hedonism and braggadocios swagger, sometimes in the course of a couple lines (”Nauseous, don’t know the last time I ate. But I eat these fucking rappers like fucking last steak” from “Downward Spiral”). Despite these strong polarities, enlisting Paul White and his hallucinogenic productions for two-thirds of the album really gives the album a cohesiveness somewhat lacking on Brown’s previous releases.

Track Recommendations:

Downward Spiral, Really Doe (Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Earl Sweatshirt), Hell For It

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