Friends of the Road – Now You Know Something Right Here and I’ll Tell You For a Fact

Cassette, Drongo Tapes, 2023

This collective of experimental Seattle musicians perform back-porch seances on old-time jigs & folk tunes, half of which can be found in Alan Lomax’s Folk Songs of North America book. The ritualistic, droning dissonance of cello, banjo, harmonium, & fiddle recall Pelt, Henry Flynt, & Tongue Depressor. Despite an often haunting atmosphere, this tape is pervaded by folksiness and camaraderie in the form of warm lo-fi sing-a-longs and friendly, candid banter between tracks. The original social function of the music lives eternally, a nonlinear communication with fellow travelers from the past, present, & future.

Style: Old-Time, Free Folk, Country-Drone

Moods: Communal, Rootsy, Haunting, Meditative, Jovial, Ritualistic

Musical Qualities: Acoustic, Lo-Fi, Droney

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