Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Yanqui U.X.O.


LPx2, Constellation Records, 2002

Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago

Mixed by Godspeed and Howard Bilerman at Hotel2Tango in Montreal, QC.

Godspeed’s last album before a decade hiatus was produced by the legendary Steve Albini, resulting in what might be their heaviest and most direct album. Coming off the heels of September 11th, Yanqui U.X.O. seems to be a reaction against the ramped up military-industrial complex and its promotion of fear and xenophobia, as well as protesting Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. The back cover even goes as far as connecting each major record label to some type of weapons manufacturer.

Style: Chamber-Rock, Post-Rock

Moods: Dystopian, Monolithic, Ominous, Epic, Cold, Apocalyptic, Suspenseful, Sombre, Bleak

Themes: War, Politics, Military-Industrial Complex, Anti-Capitalism, Anarchism

Musical Qualities: Instrumental, Dense, Repetitive, Dynamic, Suite, Heavy, Progressive, Atmospheric, Analogue, Noisy

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