Third Ear Band

Style: Psychedelic Chamber Music, Free Folk, Neo-Medieval Folk, Dhrupad

Vibes: Mystical, Medieval, Nature, Alchemical, Flowing, Meditative, Ritualistic, Mysterious, Earthy, Occult

Instrumentation: Cello, Oboe, Percussion, Violin/Viola

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Alan Silva and the Celestrial Communication Orchestra – Seasons

Lineup: Alan Silva, Roscoe Mitchell, Robin Kenyatta, Don Moye, Steve Lacy, Jerome Cooper, Dave Burrell, Bernard Vitet, Alan Shorter, Joseph Jarman, Ronnie Beer, Michel Portal, Dieter Gewissler, Jouk Minor, Kent Carter, Irene Aebi, Oliver Johnson, Joachim Kuhn

Style: Cosmic Big-Band, Creative Music, Free Jazz

Vibes: Apocalyptic, Cosmic, Cathartic, Communal, Intense, Ritualistic, Entropic, Meditative, Spiritual, Mysterious, Energetic

Musical Qualities: Conducted Improvisation, Dense, Acoustic, Instrumental, Atonal, Orchestral, Active Listening, Complex, Noisy, Heavy, Progressive

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Emil Amos – Zone Black

Styles: Library Music, Psych Rock, Instrumental Hip-Hop, Ambient

Vibes: Noir, Brooding, Nocturnal, Cinematic, Focused, Smooth, Shadowy, Eerie, Psychedelic, Sensual, Suspenseful

Musical Qualities: Atmospheric, Home Recording, Beats, Instrumental, Loops, Sampling

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Murcof – Remembranza

Styles: Chamber Ambient, Dark Ambient, Glitch, Ambient Techno

Vibes: Nocturnal, Brooding, Eerie, Mysterious, Cinematic, Dark, Desolate, Hypnotic, Melancholy, Mournful, Mysterious, Ominous, Shadowy, Sombre, Suspenseful

Musical Qualities: Micro-Sampling, Electro-Acoustic, Glitchy, Atmospheric, Instrumental, Orchestral, Beats

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Autechre – Exai

Style: Glitch, IDM, Experimental Electronic

Moods: Futuristic, Mechanical, Cold, Urban, Hypnotic, Surreal, Anxious, Dystopian, Mysterious, Cinematic, Suspenseful

Musical Qualities: Digital, Generative Software, Percussive, Polyrhythmic, Glitchy, Repetitive, Dense, Complex, Sampling

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Marion Brown – Duets

Compilation of two duo records:
“Creative Improvisation Ensemble” recorded with Wadada Leo Smith in 1970
“Soundways” recorded with Elliott Schwartz in 1973

Style: Creative Music, Free Improvisation, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibes: Open, Suspenseful, Abstract, Deconstructed, Intertwined, Restrained, Searching, Spontaneous

Musical Qualities: Dynamic, Poly-Free Improvisation, Atonal, Percussive, Slow, Sparse, Instrumental

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John Fahey – Sea Changes & Coelacanths

4LP Box Set including the albums “Womblife”, “Georgia Stomps, Atlanta Struts, and Other Contemporary Dance Favorites”, and
“Hard Time Empty Bottle Blues”

Style: Avant-Folk, Free-Folk, Ambient Blues, American Primitivism, Tape Music

Vibes: Haunting, Nocturnal, Murky, Brooding, Eerie, Aquatic, Bluesy, Woozy, Raw, Meditative

Musical Qualities: Instrumental, Sparse, Improvisation, Collage, Vignettes, Suite, Electro-acoustic, Live

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Abdul Wadud – By Myself

Style: Free-Improvisation, Chamber-Jazz, Spiritual Jazz

Vibes: Contemplative, Searching, Autumnal, Intimate, Elegant, Free, Spiritual, Meditative, Bittersweet, Mysterious, Hypnotic, Passionate, Pastoral

Instrumentation: Cello

Musical Qualities: Improvisation, Solo, Instrumental, Sparse

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75 Dollar Bill – Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock

Style: Desert Blues, Psychedelic Trance Rock, Tishoumaren, Post-Minimalism

Vibes: Hypnotic, Desert, Earthy, Psychedelic, Communal, Driving, Ritualistic

Musical Qualities: Polyrhythmic, Percussive, Riffs, Improvisation, Instrumental, Repetitive, Microtonal

Instrumentation: Homemade Percussion, Plywood Crate, 12-String Guitar, Shakers, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Viola, Trumpet, Saxophone (Baritone & Alto)

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Paul Bley Trio – Closer

Paul Bley (Piano); Steve Swallow (Upright Bass); Barry Altschul (Drums)

Style: Post-Bop, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibes: Mysterious, Playful, Impressionistic, Exploratory, Reflective, Intimate, Morning

Musical Qualities: Sparse, Acoustic, Improvisation, Instrumental, Lo-Fi

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The Necks – Travel

Style: Post-Minimalism, Atmospheric Chamber-Jazz, Free Improvisation

Vibe: Flowing, Patient, Focused, Suspenseful, Adventure, Hypnotic

Musical Qualities: Ostinato, Slow, Collective Improvisation, Minimalistic, Acoustic, Repetitive, Instrumental, Atmospheric

Instrumentation: Upright Bass, Drums, Piano, Organ

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Jimmy Lyons – Other Afternoons

Jimmy Lyons – Alto Saxophone; Lester Bowie – Trumpet; Alan Silva – Upright Bass; Andrew Cyrille – Drums
Style: Free-Bop, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibe: Warm, Spontaneous, Sunny, Driving, Playful, Intertwined, Autumnal, Passionate, Energetic, Kinetic, Responsive, Exploratory

Musical Qualities: Collective Improvisation, Swing, Polyphonic, Acoustic, Technical

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Exhaust – Enregistreur

Style: Post-Rock, Avant-Dub, Experimental

Vibe: Mechanical Decay, Deconstructed, Urban, Cold, Dystopian, Desolate, Winter, Melancholy

Musical Qualities: Atmospheric, Dub, Rhythmic, Instrumental, Sampling, Slow, Noisy, Repetitive, Analogue

Instrumentation: Drums, Tapes, Bass Clarinet, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar

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Stephen Micus – Koan

Style: Mystical Folk, New Age, Fourth World

Vibe: Ethereal, Meditative, Introspective, Airy, Searching, Healing, Mysterious, Soothing

Musical Qualities: Soft, Acoustic, Reverb-Heavy, Minimalistic, Instrumental

Instrumentation: Shakuhachi, Zither, Gender, Sarangi, Rabab, Bodhran, Angklung, Kyeezee, Bells, Acoustic Guitar

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Steve Tibbetts – Yr

Style: Progressive Folk, Jazz Fusion, ECM Jazz

Vibes: Mystical, Pastoral, Ethereal, Ancient, Pagan, Earthy, Exploratory, Smooth, Spiritual

Musical Qualities: Acoustic, Atmospheric, Complex, Instrumental, Uncommon Time Signatures, Percussive, Polyrhythmic, Progressive, Shred, Technical

Instrumentation: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Congas, Drums, Kalimba, Synthesizer, Tabla, Electric Bass, Bongos

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Ornette Coleman – Of Human Feelings

tyle: Free-Funk, Jazz Fission, Mutant Disco, No Wave, Abstract Groove

Vibe: Surreal, Kinetic, Angular, Knotted, Playful, Manic, Groovy, Energetic

Musical Qualities: Harmolodic, Polyphonic, Rhythmic, Dissonant, Dense, Instrumental, Collective Improvisation, Technical

Prime Time Band: Jamaaladeen Tacuma (Electric Bass); Denardo Coleman (Drums); Bern Nix (Guitar); Charlie Ellerbee (Guitar); Calvin Weston (Drums)

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Henry Cow – Unrest

On their second LP, Henry Cow weaves together elements of eerie chamber music, free improvisation, and deconstructed prog to create something that seems like the missing link between the Canterbury jazz-rock of Soft Machine and Gong and the dissonant avant-rock of This Heat.

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Style: Trance-Rock, Psych, Jam Band

Vibes: Pastoral, Cinematic, Communal, Rural, Driving, Earthy, Hypnotic, Open, Peaceful, Psychedelic, Contemplative

Musical Qualities: Slow, Dynamic, Instrumental, Repetitive, Jams, Riffs, Fuzzy, Atmospheric

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Derek Monypeny – Cibola

Style: “Desert Continuum”, Psychedelic Drone, Free Improvisation, Avant-Folk

Moods: Desert, Ritualistic, Spiritual, Meditative, Hallucinogenic, Nocturnal

Musical Qualities: Droney, Electro-acoustic, Solo Improvisation, Noisy, Instrumental

Instrumentation: Shahi Baaja, Electric Guitar, Autoharp

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Heart of the Ghost – Live at Rhizome

Jarrett Gilgore (alto saxophone); Luke Stewart (upright bass); Ian McColm (drums)
with Dave Ballou (trumpet)

Style: Free Jazz

Moods: Adventurous, Earthy, Driving, Exploratory, Free, Energetic, Abstract, Colorful, Communal, Complex, Determined

Musical Qualities: Collective Improvisation, Ostinato, Polyrhythmic, Dense, Acoustic, Uncommon Time Signatures, Instrumental, Dynamic, Live Recording

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Tortoise – Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters

Tracks from Tortoise’s debut LP remixed by Bundy K. Brown, John McEntire, Jim O’Rourke, Steve Albini, Mike Watt, Brad Wood, Rick Brown, Casey Rice

Styles: Ambient Dub, Electroacoustic, Electronic, Post-Rock

Moods: Deconstructed, Futuristic, Meditative, Mechanical, Cold, Open, Abstract, Airy, Eclectic, Mysterious, Peaceful, Spacey

Musical Qualities: Remix, Atmospheric, Sparse, Sampling, Loops, Instrumental, Electro-Acoustic

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Bola Sete – Ocean

Style: Guitar Soli, Brazilian Classical Music, Folk

Musical Qualities: Aquatic, Soothing, Meditative, Intricate, Mellow, Searching, Spiritual

Musical Qualities: Acoustic, Instrumental, Soft, Technical, Solo

Instrumentation: Nylon String Guitar

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Miles Davis – On the Corner

featuring Billy Hart, Bennie Maupin, Badal Roy, Mtume, Michael Henderson, Jack DeJohnette, Herbie Hancock, Paul Buckmaster, John McLaughlin, Dave Liebman, Don Alias, Carlos Garnett, Collin Walcott, Khalil Balakrishna, Lonnie Liston Smith, Chick Corea

Style: Abstract Groove, Jazz Fission, Avant-Funk

Moods: Surreal, Urban, Hypnotic, Communal, Groovy, Colorful, Playful, Circular, Futuristic

Musical Qualities: Rhythmic, Repetitive, Dense, Improvisation, Instrumental, Studio-as-an-instrument

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Cecil Taylor – Indent

Style: Free Improvisation, Free Jazz

Moods: Passionate, Kinetic, Complex, Ecstatic, Dramatic, Energetic, Angular, Exploratory, Meditative, Focused

Musical Qualities: Solo Improvisation, Dense, Acoustic, Progressive, Dynamic, Percussive, Atonal, Active Listening, Instrumental, Technical, Rhythmic, Live

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Pullman – Viewfinder

featuring members of Tortoise, Codeine, Rex, Tower Recordings, etc.

Style: Chamber-Folk, Back-Porch Minimalism, Post-Rock

Moods: Peaceful, Back-Porch, Mellow, Airy, Focused, Impressionistic, Intertwined, Light, Open, Warm

Musical Qualities: Acoustic, Minimalist, Instrumental, Repetitive

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Exhaust – Exhaust

Style: Post-Rock, Avant-Dub, Experimental

Moods: Deconstructed, Urban, Motorik, Mechanical, Dystopian, Political, Moody, Raw

Musical Qualities: Loops, Noisy, Sampling, Repetitive, Atmospheric, Dub, Instrumental, Dynamic

Instrumentation: Drums, Electric Bass, Bass Clarinet, Sampler, Field Recordings, Tapes

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Eddie Henderson – Inside Out

Style: Jazz Fission, Abstract Groove, Cosmic Jazz, Free-Fusion

Moods: Cosmic, Propulsive, Exploratory, Adventurous, Spiritual, abstract groove, communal, cosmic, driving, epic, exploratory, improvisation, instrumental, mysterious, rhythmic, thematic, psychedelic,

Musical Qualities: Collective Improvisation, Rhythmic, Ostinato, Dub Fx, Thematic

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Heldon – Stand By

Style: Space Rock, Progressive Electronic, Avant-Prog

Moods: Mechanical, Ominous, Futuristic, Martial, Dystopian, Heavy, Cinematic, Cold, Driving, Spacey

Musical Qualities: Repetitive, Dynamic, Progressive, Pulse, Suite, Rhythmic, Instrumental, Odd Time Signatures, Riffs

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Horse Lords – Comradely Objects

Style: Experimental Rock, Totalism, Math Rock

Influences: Tishoumaren, Krautrock, Free Jazz

Moods: Triumphant, De-Hypnotizing, Propulsive, Knotty, Angular, Kinetic, Energetic, Dancey, Embodied, Tangled, Communist, Chaotic

Musical Qualities: Polyrhythmic, Complex, Dense, Just Intonation, Instrumental, Uncommon Time Signatures, Microtonal, Dissonant, Polyphonic, Technical, Repetitive, Drones

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John Abercrombie – Timeless

Personnel: John Abercrombie – Electric & Acoustic Guitars; Jack DeJohnette – Drums; Jan Hammer – Organ, Synthesizer, Piano

Style: Jazz Fusion

Vibe: Epic, Triumphant, Spacey, Bombastic, Pastoral (A2, B2, B3), Energetic

Musical Qualities: Shred, Rhythmic, Instrumental, Groovy, Progressive, Technical, Improvisation, Complex, Dynamic

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Osamu Kitajima – Masterless Samurai

Styles: Jazz-Funk, Japanese Folk, Prog

Moods: Triumphant, Spring, Smooth, Mysterious, Epic, Adventure

Musical Qualities: Lush, Groovy, Progressive, Uncommon Time Signatures, Orchestral, Improvisation, Instrumental, Technical

Instrumentation: Shakuhachi, Koto, Shamisen, Synthesizers, Biwa, Acoustic Guitar, Strings, Electric Bass, Drums, Percussion, Rhodes, Saxophone, Piano, Ehru, Gong, Organ

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Makaya McCraven – In These Times

Featured Musicians: Jeff Parker, Junius Paul, Brandee Younger, Joel Ross, Marta Sofia Honer, etc

Styles: Orchestral Beat Music, Jazz Fusion, Spiritual Jazz

Mood: Spring, Cinematic, Warm, Uplifting, Spiritual, Groovy, Peaceful

Musical Qualities: Lush, Suite, Sampling, Rhythmic, Orchestral, Instrumental, Beats, Studio-as-an-Instrument

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John Surman – Upon Reflection

Style: Post-Minimalism, Ambient Jazz, Folk-Jazz, ECM Style

Moods: Meditative, Pastoral, Futuristic, Mysterious, Impressionistic, Hypnotic, Soothing, Searching

Musical Qualities: Electro-Acoustic, Minimalist, Instrumental, Pulse, Solo

Instrumentation: soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, synthesizer

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Eli Winter – Eli Winter

ft. jaimie branch, Tyler Damon, Sam Wagster, Cameron Knowler, David Grubbs, Ryley Walker, & Yasmin Williams

FFO: Jim O’Rourke (Bad Timing / The Visitor), William Tyler, Ry Cooder Instrumentals, Gastr Del Sol, Elkhorn, Moon Bros, Appalachian Folk, Leo Kottke, Jack Rose

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Rich Ruth – I Survived, It’s Over

Style: Kosmische Jazz, Progressive Electronic, New Age

Vibe: Healing, Cosmic, Warm, Ethereal, Colorful, Uplifting, Spiritual, Exploratory, Heartfelt, Soothing

Musical Qualities: Improvisation, Repetitive, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Atmospheric, Instrumental

Instrumentation: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Upright Bass, Saxophone, Electric Guitar, Drums, Flute, Harp

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Dirty Three – Ocean Songs

Style: Chamber Rock, Slowcore, Post-Rock

Vibe: Aquatic, Melancholy, Flowing, Patient, Soothing, Meditative, Longing, Lonely, Dreamy, Mellow, Lethargic

Musical Qualities: Atmospheric, Loose, Soft, Instrumental, Loops, Improvisation

Instrumentation: Violin, Drums, Electric Guitar, Loops, Melodica, Piano, Harmonica

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500mg – Apocatastisis

Style: Hermetic Folk, Free Folk, Ritual Psych

Vibe: Ritualistic, Nocturnal, Hallucinogenic, Mysterious, Hazy, Hermetic, Hypnotic, Introspective

Musical Qualities: Droney, Acoustic, Atmospheric, Instrumental, Percussive

Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitar, Sitar, Tabla, Violin

500mg – Apocatastisis Read More »

Anteloper – Kudu

Style: Cyber-Jazz, Abstract Groove, Avant-Garde Jazz

Vibe: Futuristic, Menacing, Exploratory, Kinetic, Ominous, Spacey, Energetic, Colorful, Surreal, Suspenseful, Adventure

Musical Qualities: Duo Improvisation, Thematic, Instrumental, Electro-Acoustic, Percussive, Rhythmic, Atmospheric

Instrumentation: Trumpet, Drums, Synthesizers, Electronics

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Miles Davis – Live in Tokyo 1973

Personnel: Miles Davis – Trumpet, Organ; Pete Cosey – Electric Guitar; Reggie Lucas – Electric Guitar; Al Foster – Drums; Mtume – Percussion, Michael Henderson – Electric Bass; Dave Liebman – Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute

Style: Abstract Groove, Psychedelic Jazz Fusion

Vibe: Exploratory, Powerful, Menacing, Mysterious, Serpentine, Complex, Aggressive, Bluesy, Energetic, Groovy, Psychedelic

Miles Davis – Live in Tokyo 1973 Read More »

Material – Temporary Music

Style: Industrial Jazz-Funk, Abstract Fusion, No Wave

Vibe: Futuristic, Menacing, Cold, Groovy, Mechanical, Hypnotic, Industrial, Dystopian

Musical Qualities: Rhythmic, Repetitive, Dub Production, Instrumental, Percussive, Sampling

Instrumentation: Saxophone, Electric Bass, Drums, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Rhythm Box, Prepared Piano, Clarinet

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