Jerusalem in My Heart – If He Dies, If If If If If If


LP, Released in 2015 on Constellation Records

Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, the musical half of audio-visual collaboration Jerusalem in My Heart, channels traditional Arabic folk music through his unique personal and experimental lens. At the core of the music lies his expressive vocals, which effectively convey deep emotions even to those that don’t understand his Arabic lyrics, and the buzuk, a fretted lute which he plays with a near religious determination. While these instruments are played nakedly and organically, it is the production and recording that really exhibits the experimental and atmospheric nature of the music. Acoustic instruments are re-sampled and processed throughout the album to create textural and rhythmic accompaniment, while waves of white noise, synths and field recordings are used to adorn and enhance the emotional twists and turns of the raw acoustic performances.

Recommended to anyone looking for experimental, electro-acoustic takes on both traditional and contemporary Arabic folk music, infused with drone, noise, ambient, and electronic elements. 

Style: Arabic Folk, Avant-Folk

Vibe: Mourful, Passionate, Political, Psychedelic

Musical Qualities/Instrumentation: Electroacoustic, Buzuk, Vocals, Prepared Guitar, Field Recordings


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