Charlie Haden – Liberation Music Orchestra

LP, Impulse! Records, 1969

Arrangements written by Carla Bley

“The music in this album is dedicated to creating a better world; a world without war and killing, without racism, without poverty and exploitation; a world where men of all governments realize the vital importance of life and strive to protect it rather than destroy it. We hope to see a new society of enlightenment and wisdom where creative thought becomes the dominant force in all people’s lives” – Charlie Haden

Avant-garde big band playing songs from and inspired by the Spanish Civil War, mixed in with heavy doses of collective improvisation.

Style: Avant-Garde Big Band, Free Jazz

Moods: Communal, Rebellious, Triumphant, Passionate, Political

Musical Qualities: Collective Improvisation, Polyphonic, Dense, Acoustic

Perry Robinson – Clarinet
Gato Barbieri – Tenor saxophone and clarinet
Dewey Redman – Alto and tenor saxophones
Don Cherry – Cornet, Indian wood and bamboo flutes
Mike Mantler – Trumpet
Roswell Rudd – Trombone
Bob Northern – French Horn, hand wood blocks, crow call, bells, and military whistle
Howard Johnson – Tuba
Paul Motion – Percussion
Andrew Cyrille – Percussion
Sam Brown – Guitar, Tanganyikan Guitar, thumb piano
Carla Bley – Piano, Tambourine
Charlie Haden – Upright Bass

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