The Tower Recordings – Folk Scene

CD, The Communion Label, 2001

This CD is an extended version of a one-sided LP released on Shrat in 2000

Lineup: Erika Elder, Helen Rush, Matt Valentine, P.G. Six, Robert Henry Jones III, Scott Freyer, Samara Lubelski, Steve Gubler, Tim Barnes, Andre Vida, Barry Weisblat, Dean Roberts

Style: Free Folk, Lo-Fi Psych, Mystical Folk

Vibe: Spectral, Polyvocal, Mystical, Communal, Murky, Mysterious, Raw, Winter, Nocturnal, Ritualistic, Spacey, Eclectic, Hallucinogenic, Melancholy, Pastoral, Surreal, Hypnotic, Dreamy

Musical Qualities: Vignettes, Lo-Fi, Acoustic, Droney, Collage, Loops, Studio-as-an-Instrument, Electro-Acoustic, Vocal Harmonies

Instrumentation: Group Vocals, Harmonium, Banjo, Cello, Clarinet, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Tabla, Harp, Jaw Harp, Violin, Saxophone, Percussion, Synthesizers

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